NEWS: Samantha Womack, Nolan North, Nathan Fillion, Manu Bennett, 'Nashville' Season 4 Poster

Nashville Season 4 premieres September 23 on ABC.
Nashville Season 4 Poster Hints at Deacon's Fate
Although Rayna (Connie Britton) is front and center in the new poster for the returning ABC drama, all eyes are on Deacon (Charles Esten), who looks alive and well in the wake of season three's heart-stopping – pun intended – season three cliffhanger.

In the finale, Rayna's main man went under the knife to receive a liver transplant from his sister Beverly (Dana Wheeler-Nicholson). A flat line popped up during their joint surgery, but viewers were left wondering who died.

Study Says Women Are Still Underrepresented on TV in Front of the Cameras and Behind the Scenes
In the 2014-2015 television season, women accounted for 40 percent of the speaking characters in broadcast, cable and Netflix programs. (For the cable figures, Ms. Lauzen studied A&E, AMC, FX, HBO, History, Showtime, TNT and USA.) This is the same percentage from the 2013-2014 season, and down slightly from 2012-2013 (42 percent).

Behind the scenes, women collectively comprise just 25 percent of television’s creators, producers, directors, writers, editors and directors of photography. While the proportion of female series creators is up — 22 percent, compared with 19 percent last year — the percentage of female writers and directors has gone down slightly.

EastEnders star Samantha Womack is being terrorized by ‘obsessed oddball stalker’
Womack, who plays Ronnie Mitchell on the soap, has apparently contacted the police and stepped up her home security after a fan camped outside of her house and sent her a "sinister love letter." Speaking about the terrifying ordeal, a source told The Sun newspaper: “This stalker has been completely obsessed with her and has been sleeping outside her house so that he can spy on her.

The family are terrified that he will try to get into the grounds of the property or even the house.

BBC chief Tony Hall apologizes after suggesting radio soap The Archers – made in Birmingham – had become “EastEnders in a field”
The Archers' editor Sean O’Connor revealed that director general Lord Hall called him directly to say he was sorry for comments in an article in the Radio Times. Lord Hall warned the radio soap’s executives not to “lose what is precious” from the show during an interview earlier this year.

O’Connor said: “I was a bit annoyed, but he rang me at 7.30 in the morning and said that he was terribly sorry. And I said: ‘You do know it’s getting an extra 3.5 million listeners on the podcast? That it’s doing as well as it did in the 50s?’ And he said he apologized and we were doing a wonderful job.”

Where Are They Now: Port Charles alum Nolan North is the Biggest Voice in Video Games
After Port Charles (he played Chris Ramsey), other actors told North to try cartoons, which offered residuals. But compared to what he was used to, games were good money. “You have a wife and two kids, and they say there’s $800 across town,” he says. “‘Go over there and yell like a zombie or a monster or a soldier, do you wanna do it?’ I started on the soap opera for $700 a show. And you’re like, ‘I used to work 14 hours for 700 bucks. Now you want me for two hours?’”

Nathan Fillion beat out Neil Patrick Harris for One Life to Live role
Three months short of graduation, Fillion was invited to New York to do a screen test for the role of Joey Buchanan on soap opera One Life to Live. The then-21-year-old beat out Neil Patrick Harris for the role.

FOX remaking Behind Enemy Lines as a TV drama
The 2001 action thriller starring Gene Hackman and Owen Wilson is set to become a TV series described “as a high-octane military thriller about an American flight crew that is shot down while on a secret mission over the jungles of Latin America.”

Arrow's Manu Bennett arrested for allegedly punching a guy
Bennett is accused of knocking a man out at a party while attending San Antonio’s Comic-Con.

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