NEWS: Peter Reckell, Kassie DePaiva, Jennifer Landon, James Franco, #SayTheirName

Peter Reckell
Days of our Lives star Peter Reckell: "I’m so proud of the show right now"
"That’s why I’m so proud of the show right now; that’s what they’re doing, giving the audience exactly what they want," says Reckell, who recently returned as Bo Brady. "I’m really proud of these new head writers for heading in that direction."

On Bo's relationship with Ciara: "I just want to say that [Vivian Jovanni] is amazing. That’s difficult, because I’m in love with Lauren [Boles], and to have her replaced, I got to admit, at first I was disappointed. But what they’ve done, the way they’ve handled the character and her growing up, was really cool. She’s a great mixture of the characters of Bo and Hope. I think the audience is really going to connect to their relationship, because we did get to spend a lot of time together, the two characters. She’ll be kind of carrying the mantle of Bo onward."

Kassie DePaiva says it's been a challenge to make Eve Donovan real
"Eve is a very challenging character," DePaiva says. "She's very damaged so it's been challenging to make her real."

General Hospital alum James Franco is teaching high school now
ranco, student of life, teacher of N.Y.U. and U.S.C. film students, guest starrer of soap operas, will next bestow his hard-won wisdom upon a lucky few high-schoolers. Friday night via Instagram, Franco alerted the young citizens of California that he’d be hosting an eight-part film class at Silicon Valley’s Palo Alto High School and encouraged them to join him. “Sign up NOW! 💥” he implored (sunburst emoji his).

The Young and the Restless and As the World Turns actress Jennifer Landon stars in I Spit on Your Grave 3: Vengeance Is Mine
Anchor Bay Entertainment will release the R.D. Braunsten-directed sequel into limited theaters on October 9, 2015. A DVD, Blu-ray, and VOD release will follow on October 20, 2015.

Jennifer Landon (ex-Gwen, ATWT; ex-Heather, Y&R), Doug McKeon and Gabriel Hogan co-star in this unforgiving, unmerciful, and uncut new chapter of one of the most notorious franchises in movie history.

#SayTheirName: British soap EastEnders stirs emotion with Muslim family storyline
Heartbreaking scenes of parents experiencing a stillbirth prompted viewers of British soap opera EastEnders to take to social media to praise the performances of the actors playing the fictional British Muslim family the Masoods.

After the episode was aired by the BBC, Rakhee Thakrar, who plays grief-stricken mum Shabnum Masood, took to Twitter to encourage grieving parents to share the name of their still-born child following the hashtag #SayTheirName.

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