NEWS: Billy Flynn, Tequan Richmond, Rosemary Prinz, Gina Tognoni, Bellamy Young

Billy Flynn
Days of our Lives star Billy Flynn teases what's ahead for Chad DiMera
"A lot of people are going to start to come after him," Flynn reveals. "He's going to have to figure out if he wants to stay in town and face up to maybe what he did, or is he going to run. Everybody keep watching. It's going to be a heck of a roller coaster the next couple of months."

Watch Flynn's KARE segment at the bottom of this post.

Stephen Nichols names his favorite Days of our Lives moment
“There are so many scenes I remember fondly and so many great ones I’ve probably forgotten,” Nichols says. “But the one that’s still the most meaningful to me, after all these decades, took place [in 1986] when Steve was badly wounded and Kayla [Mary Beth Evans] took off his famous patch to clean his face.”

General Hospital casts new hunk
GH has cast an as-yet-unnamed African-American male for a key upcoming role. Around the set, there is considerable buzz about the chemistry he generated during his screen test with a popular leading lady.

General Hospital actor Tequan Richmond lands role in Showtime pilot
Deadline reports that Richmond, ho plays TJ on GH, has landed a plum role in an hour-long dramatic pilot for Showtime. Richmond will play Emmett, a teen dad with three kids by three different women, on the untitled show. The pilot will film in Chicago, where it is set, later this year.

Where Are They Know: As the World Turns' Rosemary Prinz starring in "The Waverly Gallery"
“The Waverly Gallery” is presented by River City Repertory Theatre, runs through September 12 at the East Bank Theatre, 630 Barksdale Boulevard in Bossier City.

The Young and the Restless star Gina Tognoni to greet Colorado Springs fans, talk shoe line that benefits domestic violence survivors
Tognoni will meet fans and present her footwear line, Sole9, at the Colorado Springs Women's Living Expo, Sept. 12 and 13. A portion of the proceeds from Sole9 benefit U.S. women's charities, including the Denver-based National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Courtesy photo.

"Phyllis is such a strong character and it does take a strong energy to play her. She's a fighter, and what's fantastic about that is I get to portray that energy and entertain people with it," said Tognoni, who took over the role on the CBS daytime soap opera last year.

As the WWE Turns
Writes Barry Hess: "Simply categorizing the current failures of this angle as the result of ‘soap opera booking’ is widely inaccurate. Furthermore, the implication that good storytelling and melodrama do not go hand in hand is both absurd and shortsighted. If that were true soap operas like General Hospital or The Young and the Restless would not be capable of surviving 40 and 50 years after first hitting the airwaves."

When Mellie met Hillary: Bellamy Young chats Scandal with Clinton
When the Scandal star and the presidential hopeful finally met at a fundraising event in Atherton, California, in August, it was a First meeting for the ages (and arguably the most exciting display of FLOTUS on FLOTUS since Barbara Bush schooled Lady Bird Johnson in Mario Kart).

SPOILER ALERT! EastEnders' Jane Beale punches...
Thursday's episode of the BBC drama will see Phil Mitchell finally discover that Bobby killed Lucy which leads to an epic showdown with Jane.


  1. I know Billy Flynn has a fan base, and many want to see his character be front burner non-stop, and the Abby/ Chad love story to take off swelling into Disney fairy tale overload; I'm not one of those people. I really feel it is obvious that Ben will be sacrificed as the serial killer. Fell it's lame of the writers to so switch up Ben after Chad starts sniffing around. OCC Ben's sudden rages, paranoid jealousy, is a really unfair why to prop up such a boring and unexciting couple as Chad and Abby.

    1. Ben seems like the obvious killer since they've chosen Chad as the wrongfully accused suspect to waste time on. I just hope the reveal and how it plays out has a few new beats we haven't seen before. So far I'm happy with who Ben has killed off. If he keeps offing my least favorite characters he may become my new fave. LOL

  2. LOL! Yes, Serena and Paige were characters without a future living in dead end storylines. We should also thank Ben for giving Kassie DePaiva something to do other then hate on Jen and JJ! (Although I'm sure she'll be back to it.) Her scene in the morgue.. wow!
    I personally am just not feeling Billy Flynn, so my biggest complaint with Ben, besides the completely OOC turn, is it means eventually lots more Chad.