Emmy Winning Web Series 'The Bay' Is Looking For A New Executive Producer

The team from The Bay celebrates the show's Emmy win.
The Bay won a Daytime Emmy earlier this year in the web series drama category. The show's production company, LANY Entertainment, is now looking for a new executive producer to oversee the show's next season.

"There are lots of wonderful irons in the fire right now, not only for the series, but for LANY Entertainment as a whole, and we are looking to partner up with a strong Powerhouse Producer on an Executive level who would be the perfect addition to our family and have the same passion as all of us," creator Gregori J. Martin wrote in a post on Facebook. "We feel this will not only be a great opportunity to continue to expand our Emmy Award winning series, but to help keep both my focus, and my partner Kristos Andrews, leading actor on the show's focus more so on the creative elements of the series. We have, not only a wonderful cast and crew, but a great producing team and would like to add that perfect EP leader/team player candidate to our roster!"

With Martin busy working on other projects, how about former General Hospital EP Wendy Riche helm The Bay? We've seen her receive "special thanks" in the show's credits in the past. Web series superstars Sebastian La Cause (Hustling) or Michael Caruso (Winterthorne) would be other excellent choices.

Who do you think should be the new executive producer of The Bay?

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