'Days of our Lives' Necktie Killer Revealed (Spoilers)

The Necktie Killer tried to kill Marlena but she survived the attack.
The identity of Salem's latest serial murderer--the Necktie Killer--was revealed on Thursday's episode of Days of our Lives.


Dr. Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall) survived an attack but viewers learned that Ben Rogers was the killer!

Actor Robert Scott Wilson, who took over the role of Ben from Justin Gaston in May 2014, spoke with Soap Opera Digest about getting to play a complete arc for the character.

“I ran with it because I got what I wanted: a chance to play Ben in a total arc, taking him from one set of character traits to a completely different type of person," he says.

At the end of Thursday's episode, Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn) remained the prime suspect as Ben threw away the evidence that would connect him to the murders of Paige and Serena, and the attack on Marlena.

Who do you think will be the Necktie Killer's next victim?


  1. It wasn't a shock but I am enjoying DAYS these days (LOL.) There's a lot of effort both in front and behind the camera.

    I do wish that Daniel Jonas had been revealed as the killer! That would have been a real shock. Loved the creepy scenes between him and Marlena. Wished he weren't a red herring!

  2. For a split second I thought it could have been Daniel (and I liked the idea).

    There were a few scenes where it could have gone either way with Ben or Clyde (though no way was it James Reade's body in black attacking Marlena).

    Sort of predictable, but I am still enjoying it.

    I hope that Marlena has some sort of PTSD concerning her twin sister's murder by strangulation 1982.

  3. Predictable! Who did not see this coming??

  4. It was completely predicable, but hoping that since it does not look like he will be caught until some time in November, will this add another layer of drama now that the audience knows.

  5. It was Ben he is the killer it was revealed on last week's days