'Days of our Lives' Couple EJ & Sami Reunited on 'Last Week Tonight'

EJ's live!  At least for one night, Days of our Lives' EJ and Sami were
reunited on Last Week Tonight.
On Sunday's episode of Last Week Tonight on HBO, host John Oliver had a wonderful surprise for 16-year old refugee Nageen Mustafa, who traveled from her home in the war-torn Syrian town of Kobani to the Serbian border with Hungary. Bound to a wheel chair, the obstacles she has faced are unimaginable, and yet she is endlessly optimistic. Mustafa said in a recent interview that she taught herself English by watching American soap opera Days of our Lives, but was sad that the character of EJ DiMera (James Scott) had been killed off the show because EJ and Sami Brady (Alison Sweeney) were her favorite couple.

To brighten Mustafa's day, in some small way, Oliver reunited EJ and Sami in a special scene created just for the show.

"She loves Days of our Lives," Oliver explained. "Specifically, she loves EJ and Sami. Even after weeks of total hell, mortal danger and inhumane treatment, Nageen's biggest complaint is that the show actually killed off EJ, who was her favorite character. And, frankly, she's right to be upset. EJ and Sami were magic together. Yes, you could argue that EJ basically blackmailed Sami into marriage and then impregnanted her and then worked for Sami's arch nemesis, Nicole Walker, who he then also impregnated, and then he kidnapped Sami's baby and made her think it was dead so Sami shot him in the head, but you know what, that's the the kind of thing couples do."

Alison Sweeney and James Scott reunited as Sami & EJ.
Oliver then introduced the Sami and EJ reunion, in which EJ didn't die after all.

"My sister made sure I survived the morgue, and she flew me to Germany where my father's witch doctors did their work."

EJ explained that it wasn't that hard to come back.

"It was nothing," EJ told her. "Coming back from the dead, that's not hard. You know what's hard, getting from Syria to Germany."

"Have you see what those migrants are going through?" Sami asked.

Watch the entire "Migrants and Refugees" segment below:

ABC News got the video to Nageen, who is currently in a refugee camp in Essen, Germany, and she was ecstatic.

"They are back together!" she exclaimed of her "friends" Sami and EJ.

"I don't even care that [EJ] mentioned my name. I just care that they are back together!" Nageen said, fighting back tears of joy.

"It's the best evening of my life! I have nothing to complain about," she said.

But Nageen did ask for "a huge favor" -- she would like to have a chance to talk to them. "I have something special to tell them," she said.


  1. I love Nageen's spirit and loved this segment!

  2. The EU countries can not develop a single process & policy for all EU countries on migration, but they can develop a single currency for all EU countries that leave some countries in dire economic stagnation and debt, while others boom? Hmmmm.