Thursday, August 27, 2015

Watch the Premiere of Michael Caruso's 'Winterthorne'

Winterthorne stars Martha Madison as Miranda Winterthorne.
Micheal Caruso's long-awaited new drama series, Winterthorne, has premiered! The saga of Miranda Winterthorne and her rise to power to control the family’s multi-million dollar candy business stars Martha Madison in the lead role. Who knew that Madison, Belle on Days of our Lives, could play such a cold hard bitch? She does in Winterthorne! But what made Miranda this way?

The first episode of the four-part online event features a wonderful guest appearance by Dallas star Linda Gray (Sue Ellen Ewing!) as Joanna, Miranda's mother.

"I failed you," Joanna tells Miranda. "I never raised you to question the world around you. I wanted to teach you power, but inadvertently I taught you complacency."

The cast includes Caruso (DeVanity), John-Paul Lavoisier (Days of our Lives, One Life to Live), Linda Gray (Dallas), Kathleen Gati (General Hospital), Kirsten Storms (General Hospital), Gordon Thomson (Dynasty, Santa Barbara), Kevin Spirtas (Days of our Lives), Ron Hanks (Golden California) and Josh Thrower (90210, The Young and The Restless).

Watch the premiere below:

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  1. The first episode was fantastic. There was no scenery chewing or over the top acting like I expected.

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