'The Young and the Restless' Promo: Paybacks

Neil has some "payback" for Hilary.
A new promo for CBS soap opera The Young and The Restless teases an affair that can't be undone (Lily and Joe), a killer with nothing left to lose (Det. Harding), and an ex with an axe to grind (Neil). Watch below:


  1. Nothing remotely interesting on this show, sorry to say. As someone who grew up watching CBS soaps, Y&R was one of the ones I used to enjoy but this show has been pretty bad for the last six years, with only a handful of good story lines (if that).
    Don't know why Lily is bothering to try to reconcile with Caleb, I mean Cane. The couple bores me but Cane has never been a good egg for anyone to put all this effort to stay with. Unfortunately, Joe is currently the only other alternative and Joe is as stiff (not in a good way) and wooden as they come. Williams wasn't the best actor, but at least Tyler and Lily had some chemistry and had Y&R kept him on, he might have improved dramatically since then.
    Neil has become a pathetic, desperate fool. At this point, I can safely say, it's not Devon or Hilary that has stripped Neil of his dignity, it is Neil's stupid attempts to show his misplaced pride. Instead of moving on to something productive, he holds onto making a clown show of himself. Can Malcolm come and drag him out of town for awhile. Unfortunately we know that it will likely be Hilary that goes out of commission for awhile.

    Sad to say, I will be following spoilers and updates but I just don't feel like watching this show anymore. It's a waste of my free time.

    1. it really is a waste of time for anyone to watch.

    2. it really is a waste of time for anyone to watch.

    3. it really is a waste of time for anyone to watch.

    4. You have echoed myself and my Mom exactly. We agree 100%