NEWS: Kassie DePaiva, Kristian Alfonso, Brytni Sarpy, Max Page, Christian LeBlanc, Stephen Nichols

Kassie DePaiva
Kassie DePaiva will sing on the Days of our Lives Christmas episode
"I"m singing on Days, on the Christmas episode you'll see me sing, which is nice," reveals DePaiva, who plays Eve.

She also talked lovingly about her former soap, One Life to Live, and Blair's true love, Todd: "Who wouldn't want to have a bitchfest with Blair and Todd?"

Galen Gering, Kristian Alfonso and Stephen Nichols promote Days of our Lives on Access Hollywood
"We're not just shooting in the studio anymore, we're going on location," Alfonso (Hope) says. "Like the old days," adds Nichols (Patch).

Former The Young and the Restless actor Max Page receives new heart valve: 'He wants to experience life to the fullest'
One day after the new valve called a Melody device was implanted at Children's Hospital Los Angeles, Page (who played Reed on Y&R) was up and about, practicing golf swings in his hospital room before being released.

Christian LeBlanc visiting Canada again, talks Michael's cancer story on The Young and the Restless
"It's interesting to actually go and play a character who's actually very knocked down by it and very overwhelmed in many ways," said Le Blanc.

"To pick Michael, it made complete sense because they picked prostate cancer for a man who is all about his prowess as a man, what he considers to be a man.... All of us think we have some modicum of control over our lives, and this is something that really humbles you."

“Max was a little sore, but he was able to walk, jump and move for Dr. Ing the morning after surgery,” his mother, Jennifer, said in a statement released by CHLA.

General Hospital actress Brytni Sarpy would love to be spokesperson for younger women and health
"I’d love be a spokesperson, promoting eating correctly—especially for girls who don’t have a prior understanding of things like nutrition," says Sarpy, who plays Valerie on GH. "It should be taught in all of our homes and schools, but I feel like it falls short. Reaching those underprivileged schools and people who aren’t getting the right education is important."

Nielsen is now tracking ratings for nearly 1,000 streaming shows
Nielsen started measuring viewership data on streaming sites last winter as a means of giving major studios like Twentieth Century Fox and NBCUniversal a clearer sense of how streaming affects their revenue. Studios still make more money from traditional, ad-supported television, but subscription-based streaming has been eating into TV viewership for some time now. Charging Netflix and Amazon for popular shows can help stem any losses from audiences changing their viewing habits.

The data Nielsen is tracking is still fairly limited, though, since it doesn't include viewership from mobile devices or overseas subscribers. Nielsen has plans to include those metrics, but Netflix uses those limits to dismiss the effort out of hand. Meanwhile, the streaming giant also already provides certain well-paying studios with information on how often a show is streamed on a monthly basis. However, Netflix has reason to be a little nervous. If Nielsen data shows that its original programming doesn't have the same draw as licensed shows, investors may be somewhat less inclined to support the company's future projects.

Former Texas writer Chandler Warrens pens new musical "Adam & Eve and Steve"
The musical wraps a monthlong NoHo run tonight.

Former University of Nebraska football player Marc Munford remembers teammates watching General Hospital in the locker room
"Some guys in there watched soap operas every day — General Hospital was a big one, but I couldn’t stand that stuff. We’d watch Animal House and Caddyshack."


  1. Kassie DePaiva always seems like a genuinely sweet, honest person.
    And someone should explain to Brytni Sarpy, that healthy foods are very expensive, and "underprivileged" kids do not come from families that have a lot of money. So if she wants to be the spokesperson for something why not have it be to make healthy foods affordable! Typical out of touch celebrity who's going to go out and do good, but has no real life experience in which to do it. UGH!

  2. I agree with you 21gramsofsoul that eating organic is pricey and not only that but many low income families live in 'food deserts' that have little to no access to a decent supermarket. Even some middle class families live in places where supermarkets are at quite some distance. If someone could make it a priority to get a mobile famer's market or a decent food market in a centrally located area of most urban areas, that would be a good solution. I read about a woman in the Bronx who, through crowd-funding converted a school bus and made it into a mobile farmer's market and the majority of her customers are working class and lower income clients. But yeah, Sarpy seems to have decent intentions but needs to do her homework and become more informed.

    Netflix and Amazon are investing a lot more into original programming so I think they are trying to rely less on the typical studio film. Of course, they will always have the Hollywood films in their inventory but I see Netflix has a lot more indie films and original series and even co-producing films and documentaries so I wonder, in the future, how much bargaining power will the studios have with Netflix and Amazon a few years from now.