NEWS: Aaron and Griffin Kunitz, The Real 'Cookie' Lyon Files Lawsuit, Alicia Leigh Willis

Aaron and Griffin Kunitz join Fuller House
The Kunitz twins, who played Johnny DiMera on Days of our Lives, will play Max Fuller on Netflix's Full House spin-off.

Woman claiming to be the real ‘Cookie’ from Empire files $300 million lawsuit
Fox and series co-creator’s Lee Daniels and Danny Strong have been named in a $300 million lawsuit filed by a Detroit woman, who claims the story is based on her life.

In court documents, plaintiff Sophia Eggleston, 53, says that, Empire’s central character Cookie Lyon (played by Taraji P. Henson) “was similar in behavior, style of dress and background” to her. Eggleston says she was a drug kingpin who went to jail and also claims that she placed a hit on someone similarly to the way Cookie did.

Eggleston claims that her memoir "The Hidden Hand" was pitched to Daniels before the show was created and that “there is no possibility the similarities are … mere coincidence.” Strong has said that he was inspired by Shakespeare.

General Hospital alum Alicia Leigh Willis plays lead role in Dangerous Company, available now on Digital HD and On Demand
“My character owns a multi-million dollar clothing company and she is on top of everything,” Willis teases of the mystery. “She’s got her ‘you-know-what’ together, always has, but slowly she starts to slip in terms of losing her memory. Her mother passed away from Alzheimer’s and she is diagnosed as having early-onset dementia, and slowly her world starts to fall apart. But, there are twists and turns ahead for her that you won’t believe! It was a heavy role, but very rewarding. Rick Ravanello, who plays my husband in the film, is just amazing! We had a great time working together.”

Downton Abbey producer open to possibility of big-screen film
There's no script or a firm plan, Gareth Neame said, but a Downton Abbey movie could be a "wonderful thing." Afterward, he told The Associated Press that such a project could be made as a big-screen theatrical release but reaffirmed it was speculative at this point.

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