'The Young and the Restless' Cast Member Speaks Out About Victoria Rowell, Anonymously

Victoria Rowell
Radar Online recently spoke with a "leading cast member" from The Young and the Restless about former star Victoria Rowell, who sued the show's producer Sony and the CBS network earlier this year, claiming racism kept them from hiring her back to play Drucilla Winters again. The cast member asked not to be named because of concerns they could be dragged into Rowell's lawsuit drama.

The cast member said, “This isn’t a set that has racism as part of the fabric of what makes up the cast and crew. It’s a very diverse cast, and the fact is that Victoria was just difficult to work with. She is tremendously talented, but like a lot of people in this business, there is a huge ego there. At times, Victoria did act like a diva. She would always count her lines and want to see other cast members’ scripts, and could be seen comparing on screen time."

"It’s truly a shame that Victoria is no longer a part of the show because she was wildly popular with the fans, however," the source said. "Scenes with her on-screen and off-screen nemesis Michelle Stafford were legendary! There was absolutely no love lost between those two.”

Would you like to see Rowell return to Y&R as Drucilla? Do you think it's still possible at this point?


  1. She's not that good of an actress to be bothered with the drama

  2. Gosh, no, she didnt just burn her bridges, she threw dynamite at everybody she worked with except KSJ. That ship has sailed.

  3. I was always a big Drucilla fan and appreciated Rowell's talent, but at this point in time, even I don't want the actress back on the show. I care too much about the rest of the cast and crew. I mean - who wants to end up in some future roman à clef or, heaven forbid, another gossip-laden twitter feed of "bedtime stories?" What an uncomfortable soundstage her presence would create.

    Seriously, I wish Rowell well, but as they say in soaps, she needs to "move on."

  4. I would have to be concerned about her mental health at this point. Her history of questionable behavior puts her in the same league as Britney Spears and Amanda Bynes. She would need a clean bill of health from at least two mental health professionals before I would be comfortable with her to come back. Somehow, I sincerely doubt that Victoria Rowell would pass that test.

    1. I was at the press conference pictured above and, in some ways she reminded me of Ellen Holly (an incredibly smart, classy and intelligent woman), who faced similar issues, was spat on by Paul Rauch, etc. In my few in-person interactions, Victoria Rowell is bright, well-spoken and not at all the vision people usually get when reading her Twitter feed on certain days. It's not always easy to understand a person's point of view online, or we read it different than they were thinking it. The truth may be somewhere in the middle, I don't know for sure. But Y&R has always been a set full of divas, it's just too bad the one that played the best black character in the show's history is the "diva" that gets banished for life.

      Seems like too much has gone down at this point but Isaiah Washington and Katherine Heigl made a return appearance on Grey's Anatomy, so I guess anything is possible.

  5. Standing up for what you believe in does not make someone a "diva". You can't always expect people to accept situations the way they are, especially if those situations are not right. What's so wrong about wanting to be treated fair?