'General Hospital': Jake Is Alive! (Video)

"My name's Jake, what's yours?"
On Thursday's episode of General Hospital, Luke (Anthony Geary) and Laura (Genie Francis) arrived on Cassadine Island to confront Helena (Constance Towers) about their grandson, Jake. He threatened her with a gun, demanding info on the child he thought he had killed. She came clean with him and a little Jake (James Nigbor) walked into the room, played with a remote control car, which ran into Luke.

"How fitting that he hit you with his car," Helena said to Luke.

Helena thanked Luke for "all those years of passion" and then left. Jake walked over to Luke to introduce himself.

"My name's Jake," the boy said, "what's yours?"

Watch Luke meet the alive and well young Jake below:

James Nigbor previously shared the part of Jake with his twin brother, Edward Nigbor, when they were younger.

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  1. An ingenious move by Carlivati to right what so many viewers thought was wrong-- Luke killing a child while drunk behind the wheel. I'm hoping that Jake is somehow affected by his years on Cassadine Island a la 'The Bad Seed.' I'd like to see his mother Liz deal with a problem other than which man she's in love with today.