NEWS: Gina Tognoni, Jason George, Taraji P. Henson, Robert Newman, Tristan Rogers, Shayne Ward

'The Young and the Restless' star Gina Tognoni appears at WLKY's Women's Living Expo
"This weekend we're giving to the local chapter here in Kentucky. So come on out, buy a pair of shoes and we'll be able to help the women here locally,” Tognoni said.

'The Young and the Restless' actor Tristan Rogers on moving to Palm Springs
“My wife, Teresa, and I didn’t want to raise our newborn daughter, Sara, in LA, so we moved here in 1993,” Tristan, 68, shares with Closer. “It’s a little safer and it’s easier to make friends.” A few years after settling into their new home, Tristan and his family moved again — to this spectacular four-bedroom, four-bath ranch house.

Shayne Ward addresses Coronation Street 'crisis' rumors
Following rumors that the soap is in trouble, Shayne told The Sun: "Shows need refreshing. It's all about new characters. "If you're being charming and cheeky, like Aidan, then people will like you. He has great family values. We're similar in that he's grown up on an estate and is half-Irish."

Ward will debut on Corrie in August as Aidan Connor, the cousin of Kym Marsh's character Michelle.

'Grey's Anatomy' Promotes Jason George to Series Regular
The Sunset Beach alum made his debut as Dr. Ben Warren on Grey's Anatomy in season six, playing a love interest for Bailey (Chandra Wilson). The two married in season nine. The actor has recently been splitting his time between Grey's Anatomy and another ABC drama, Mistresses, which returns for season three this month.

'Friday Night Lights': Adrianne Palicki Thinks Tyra Would Have Married Tim Riggins and 'Literally Become' Tami Taylor
"I think that she's literally become Tami Taylor," Palicki told People on Thursday at the ATX Television Festival in Austin, Texas. "I think she's a counselor at some really awesome school, maybe a university somewhere, maybe married to Tim Riggins. And he's a coach of some football team, and they're literally like the reincarnation of [Tami and Eric]."

Taraji P. Henson was cast as Cookie on 'Empire' about 30 seconds into her audition
“About 30 seconds into Taraji being Cookie, Lee [Daniels] whispered to me, ‘She’s Cookie right?’” Danny Strong said, and noted he told Daniels that he agreed. “Then [Lee said to Henson]: ‘All right bitch, you got the part.’”

'Guiding Light' alum Robert Newman to star on "Love Letters" at the Barn Theatre
Newman (Josh Lewis on Guiding Light) returns to The Barn Theatre to star opposite Penelope Alex in "Love Letters," the Broadway hit about a couple who meet in second grade and communicate through letters and postcards for more than 50 years. Brendan Ragotzy directs. "Love Letters" runs June 9-June 14.

'Gilmore Girls' reunion is helping a little Texas TV festival become a big deal
Austin has become the psuedo home to the TV industry this weekend as the ATX TV Festival returns to the city for its 4th year — or "season," as they call it.

‘8’ Is Enough: The Wachowskis’ New Netflix Drama Is Gloriously, Terribly Insane
Created by the Wachowskis along with Babylon 5’s J. Michael Straczynski, Sense8 is a gargantuan feat of both creativity and capitalism: Its narrative spans eight cities and its production budget permitted travel to all of them.

Mexican soap operas build cultural bridge with China
Peruvian novelist Mario Vargas Llosa once said:" Culture has done for Latin America what politics and economics have failed to achieve: integration."

The cultural bridge that has connected the two regions via the small screen has been in place since at least the 1980s, following the production of The Rich Also Cry (Los ricos tambien lloran), a Mexican soap opera that was an enormous hit in China.

The Tony Awards Broadcast: Broadway’s Chance to Woo America
The annual Tony Awards broadcast is, of course, about honoring the best of a theatrical season. But there is more than one way to win the night: For producers, the real battle is over wooing ticket-buyers, and the broadcast’s musical numbers are seen as the single most important way to do that.

'Crossroads' star Terence Rigby's life story revealed in new book by former 'EastEnders' scriptwriter
“I decided to write the book from my point of view so it’s partly my memoir, too,” says Juliet Ace, who met Rigby when he was in the chorus of Pickwick in the West End.

The Instant Media Phenomenon That is Caitlyn Jenner
The Bold and the Beautiful "continues to inform, enlighten and entertain. Rick, for years a romantic cad and a veteran of many failed relationships, surprisingly responded to Maya’s revelation by admitting that he, too, had not been fully open and honest in his adult life about deeply personal matters -- and by further committing himself to her."

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