Sudsville Network Will Launch This Fall: Meg Kelly to Pen New Soap Opera 'Year Rounders', Michael O'Leary to Host Game Show

Sudsville, a new online network of all-original programming aimed at the soap opera audience, is set to launch in the fall. Daytime Emmy winning writer Meg Kelly has partnered with Joseph Craig and, a global tech company, on the new venture.

“These are broadcast quality shows that will star a mix of daytime, primetime and film actors, written by daytime and prime-time Emmy winners and produced by an award-winning production team,” says Kelly

"Conklin-Intracom approached us about a platform they were developing. We thought it was perfect for daytime fans,” explains Kelly. "There will be one major new soap opera (Year Rounders), 40 total episodes created by Meg,” reveals Craig. "And there will also be 16 ancillary series, a combination of reality and game shows and improvised shows, that are aimed at the same audience, including a three-time weekly soap chat show, A.M. Sudsville.”

Expect to see many familiar soap favorites cast in the New York-based productions.

“They’re not webisodes,” adds Craig. "Production quality is going to be like anything you would see on Netflix or Hulu.”

The pair is excited for Sudsville to become a premiere destination for all soap viewers.

"To the fans, we just say, ‘Come on home.’ This is for them to feel loved and to feel part of the community,” says Kelly.

Darnell Williams (ex-Jesse, All My Children) is one actor who has been discussed for Year Rounders.

Michael O'Leary (ex-Rick, Guiding Light) has been tapped to host a game show, The Amazing Soap Trivia Challenge.

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  1. I hope this project comes to fruition and be a total success. I want daytime soaps to have new home besides network television.

  2. "Broadcast quality?" Ummm.....let's start with that "Sudsville" graphic...

    1. That graphic is as bargain basement as they come....mmmm hmmm.....

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    3. I think the graphics for the website are suppose to be temporary until the company get the site up and running with content. jmo