Thursday, May 7, 2015

Jimmy Fallon Reveals He Loves 'General Hospital' and Mentions the Nurses Ball on 'Tonight Show'

Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday's The Tonight Show.
Jimmy Fallon referenced the General Hospital Nurses Ball on Wednesday's episode of The Tonight Show. While talking with Modern Family star Jesse Tyler Ferguson about Ferguson being nominated for an Emmy five years in a row but never winning.

"If it happens a sixth time, I'm gonna be like, 'I see what's happening... you're Susan Lucci-ing me,'" Ferguson said.

"That's actually cooler than winning, to be compared to Susan Lucci," Fallon enthused.

"If I can be compared to Susan Lucci in any way it's better than..." Ferguson added.

"Did you watch soap operas growing up?" asked Fallon.

"Not really, no"

"I did. I loved 'em," Fallon continued before joking, "As a stand-up comedian you don't really do anything during the day."

"Did you wake up in time for Guiding Light?" Ferguson asked.

"I was General Hospital all the way," Fallon revealed. "Nurses Ball? Nurses Ball, come on man! I loved soap operas all the way."

Before Ferguson's appearance, Fallon interviewed Scandal star Kerry Washington.

Watch the May 6 episode of The Tonight Show below:

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