Thursday, April 9, 2015

'The Bold and the Beautiful' Star Linsey Godfrey Talks 'Freak Accident' on 'ET'

The 26-year-old The Bold and the Beautiful star Linsey Godfrey underwent surgery in February after she was struck by a car while walking down the street. Following the accident, a bystander reportedly pulled the actress from the wreckage and she was rushed to a hospital.

"There was an accident. Two cars collided and I was on the sidewalk, and they kind of went across the lanes, and one of the cars struck me," Linsey explained to ET. "I didn't really understand. I mean, I saw my feet and kind of the state that they were in, which was not facing the right direction. Both of my ankles were dislocated and broken and then my tibia and fibula, which are your shin bones, went through the skin."

Two months and two surgeries later, Godfrey is in physical therapy and expected to make a full recovery.

"I'm up on one foot now and able to walk with a walker and hopefully getting the word soon that I can walk on the other foot and maybe loose one of the moon boots," she said.

Watch her ET interview below:

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