Jacqueline MacInnes Wood Returning to 'The Bold and the Beautiful' on Contract

Despite a denial earlier this week, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood is indeed returning to The Bold and the Beautiful as Steffy Forrester, this time signing a contract with the show.

"I hold this character close to me like I would a best friend," the actress told TV Insider. "I want to slap some sense into her whenever I see her heading in the wrong direction, which happens so often. So, yes, she's a mess. But a very strong mess. Steffy will always have her feelings for Liam, but now she's coming back to fight on a much bigger scale. And it's going to be bloody."

There's no word on how long MacInnes Wood's contract at B&B is for this time around. She returns to the world's most-watched daytime soap opera on May 26.

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