'Guiding Light' Star and Fitness Pro Beth Chamberlin: "Anybody That's Out There That Has Something They Want To Do, Do It!"

Have you ever wanted to try something new but were too afraid? Beth Chamberlin starred as Beth Raines on Guiding Light for 15 years, and when the show was canceled, she made the choice to pursue other passions.

In addition to her career roles as actress and fitness instructor, Chamberlin is also a mother, who witnessed many women, struggling as she had, to prioritize fitness into their jam packed schedules. Today, she is a certified kettlebell trainer as well as the proud owner of Nyack Boot Camp, a training facility located in Nyack, New York, where she conducts High Intensity Interval Training. She has also produced two kettlebell fitness videos and continues to lecture about health and fitness.

Chamberlin aspires everyday to bring out the best in herself and encourages anyone with a dream and the ambition to pursue it that new beginnings are always possible.

Check out the multi-talented Beth Chamberlin's inspiring new video below:

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