Monday, March 9, 2015

'The Doctors' and 'Weekend at Bernie's' Actor Terry Kiser Stars in LeftBrain TV's 'Johnny Dynamo'

The man who played the most popular dead guy in the movies is back and better than ever. Terry Kiser, the iconic actor who brought Bernie Lomax to life (and death), in Weekend at Bernie's, has joined the cast of the hit series, Johnny Dynamo, which recently debuted its second season on YouTube.

Starring in the critically-acclaimed series as quirky mob boss Mickey Petrucelli, Kiser shines again as the loveable bad guy - a skill he perfected in Weekend At Bernie’s, Three’s Company and Hill Street Blues. In Johnny Dynamo, Kiser plays an old-school Brooklyn mobster with a shady reputation, an infectious laugh, and a somewhat questionable vocabulary. His long-standing fans will embrace his eccentric and enigmatic character and audiences unfamiliar with his indelible body of work will quickly appreciate his spirit, passion, and comedic timing.

As his arch rival Mo Lotto, Kiser is joined in the series’ second season by the incomparable Tiny Lister, who made his bones in The Dark Knight, Friday, and The Fifth Element. And while Kiser and Lister might seem like an odd pair, their obvious chemistry leave no doubt that the two belong together.

Johnny Dynamo is a multi-award winning dramedy that follows washed-up '80s TV action star, Robert Pierce Mitchell (played by Rick Wells), as he struggles to rebuild his credibility and his career. In his desperation, Mitchell makes an ill-advised deal with Kiser's Mickey, putting him in a crossfire between the ruthless mobster and a powerful hip-hop mogul (Lister).

Classic daytime soap opera fans have enjoyed Kiser's sweet and comical performance for the past 6 months as Dr. John Rice on Retro TV's 1967-68 reruns of The Doctors. He also recently starred in UP's holiday film, A Christmas Tree Miracle.

Watch the Season 2 premiere of Johnny Dynamo featuring Kiser below:

The entire 10 episode, second season of Johnny Dynamo, along with two other new LeftBrain TV series--the irreverent comedy, Mr. Frost, and White House dramedy, The Accidental President--can be found at LeftBrain TV is the distribution channel for original scripted content produced by Nashville based LBD Productions.

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