Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Kristen Alderson on Leaving 'General Hospital': "I've Been in this Amazing Little Soap Bubble Since I was 6 Years Old"

Kristen Alderson
Emmy winner Kristen Alderson has posted a video on YouTube explaining why she chose to leave General Hospital and the role of Kiki Jerome.

Instead of tweeting, I wanted to make this video to tell you guys myself why I decided to leave General Hospital. And I did. And it's because … well, it’s not because of the cast and crew, I can tell you that right now. Everyone has been so lovely to me. I've had the best time over the past three years. And this decision is purely spur of the moment, kind of an epiphany that I had, that I've been in this amazing little soap bubble since I was 6 years old and now I’m 23. I've never done anything else. I've never pushed myself. I never challenged myself to do other things, and not necessarily in the industry, but just things in life, like like taking a class here or there for something other than acting, and getting back into singing, which you guys know I love to do, so that would be really exciting. And who knows where this road is going take me?
Watch Alderson's video message for fans below:

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