'Tierra de Reyes' Premieres December 2 on Telemundo

On Tuesday, December 2 at 9 p.m. ET, Telemundo premieres the intense melodrama Tierra de Reyes, a telenovela full of passion and intrigue about three brothers determined to avenge the tragic and mysterious death of their younger sister. Tierra de Reyes features a stellar cast that includes Aarón Díaz, Ana Lorena Sánchez, Gonzalo García Vivanco, Kimberly Dos Ramos, Christian de la Campa, Scarlet Gruber, Fabián Ríos and Sonya Smith as "Cayetana."

Tierra de Reyes tells the story of three brothers out for revenge against the family they hold responsible for the tragic and mysterious death of their younger sister. In their search for the truth, Arturo (Aarón Díaz), Flavio (Gonzalo García Vivanco) and Samuel Reyes (Christian de la Campa) set out to conquer the beautiful daughters of hacienda owner Ignacio Del Junco (Ricardo Chávez), the man they suspect of causing their sister's death. But fate makes them victims of their own trap, and they end up falling in love with their enemies, Sofía (Ana Lorena Sánchez), Irina (Kimberly Dos Ramos) and Andrea (Scarlet Gruber).

Tierra de Reyes also presents a strong supporting cast, including Cynthia Olavarría, Daniela Navarro, Joaquín Garrido, Adriana Lavat, Ricardo Chávez, Omar Germenos, Eduardo Victoria, Isabela Castillo, Dad Dagger, Diana Quijano, Alberich Bormann, Roberto Plantier, Francisco Porras, Jessica Cerezo, Gabriel Rossi, Ricardo Kleinbaum, Bárbara Garofalo, Gloria Mayo, Carmen Olivares, Fernando Pacanins, Virginia Núñez, Giovanna del Portillo, José Ramón Blanch, Julio Ocampo, Sol Rodríguez, Orlando Miguel, Fabián Pizorno and Kary Musa.

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