Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Eileen Davidson Signs Contract with 'The Young and the Restless', Staying at 'Days of our Lives' 12 Weeks

Days of our Lives' Emmy-nominee Eileen Davidson has signed a contract with The Young and the Restless, according to Soap Opera Digest.

"They has been reaching out for quite a while and wondering what I wanted, so the deal we made suits my life very well," Davidson told the magazine. "I’m really happy. I’ve put in a lot of years in this medium, which I don’t take for granted, so I’m very grateful."

Davidson will start airing on Y&R in early September, while her 12-week story arc on Days of our Lives continues to play out. She returns to Days on July 25.

- INTERVIEW: Eileen Davidson On 'Days of our Lives,' Enjoying The Ride, And Jeanne Cooper


  1. Happy to have Eileen onscreen but disapointed that she will be return for Y&R versus DAYS. DAYS is the superior soap right now and in MUCH better creative shape than Y&R. Y&R is unwatchable. I think it's in far worst shape than Maria Arena Bell's reign. Jill Farren Phelps should not be allowed to work in soaps. Her continued employment exemplifies the worst aspects of this industry.

    Also, Y&R's cast is bloated and filled with lesser characters with lots of story/screentime (Dylan, Avery, Chelsea, Kevin, Abby, Tyler, Ian, Kelly, Courtney, Colin and Cane.) I do like Hilary, Stitch, Noah, Summer, Fen and Mariah but they are sorely wasted.

    I predict Ashley Abbott will be completely wasted whereas Kristen DiMera would re-energize DAYS' and fill the void that will be left when Allison Sweeney leaves.

    Oh well :-(

    1. Days is definitely headed upward! Great storytelling!

  2. Ahh 12 weeks! I thought she would be sticking around DAYS with a contract! Love her as Kristen Dimera & will be sad to see her leave once again for Y&R blahhh! I think her & Kassie as Eve Donovan would have killed the screen together on DAYS :)