Monday, April 7, 2014

Tracey Bregman Inducted Into Ride of Fame (Photos & Video)

Daytime Emmy Award winning actress Tracey Bregman, who stars as Lauren Fenmore Baldwin on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS, was inducted into the Ride of Fame on Monday in New York City on Monday.

Ride of Fame is a continuing series of mobile monuments dedicated to public figures highlighting New York City with their lifetime and/or specific celebrated endeavors. Ride of Fame recognizes and honors commendable celebrities from around the world who have influenced New York City with its “Immortal”, “IT” and “imminent” time capsule by bestowing a bus in its fleet to each honoree. Bregman cut the ribbon during a ceremony where she was honored with a permanent decal to the front of the bus, as well as a seat on the top deck of the bus, featuring a personalized message to fans.

Check out more photos and watch a video of Bregman's acceptance below:

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