Saturday, April 5, 2014

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL Spoilers (April 7-11, 2014): Fight! Fight! Fight!

Katie (Heather Tom) is at odds with Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang).
Photo Credit: CBS
Check out day-to-day spoilers and a sneak peek video below to find out what's happening on THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL during the week of April 7th.


Monday, April 7
Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) chooses love over a lucrative offer; Aly (Ashlyn Pearce) talks with her dead mother (Schae Harrison).

Tuesday, April 8
A couple has a passionate reunion; Katie (Heather Tom) gets somber news from Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang).

Wednesday, April 9
Liam (Scott Clifton) tries to rekindle his and Hope's (Kim Matula) love with a kiss; Ridge and Bill (Don Diamont) argue.

Thursday, April 10
Liam asks Hope what's troubling her; Bill finds his deal with Quinn (Rena Sofer) is more than her bargained for.

Friday, April 11
Wyatt (Darin Brooks), Hope and Liam await life-changing news; Quinn tells Bill what she wants.

- Soap of the Week Poll (March 31-April 4, 2014)
- B&B's Darin Brooks receives Indie Series Awards nomination
- THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL to Shoot On Location in Abu Dhabi and Dubai
- Katherine Kelly Lang & Don Diamont to Participate in Abu Dhabi International Triathlon
- Schae Harrison Returns to THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL as Darla


  1. I do not want to see Ridge with Brooke. Katie and Ridge make a great couple. Please let them be happy.

  2. I’m so proud of Ridge for telling his dad to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine! Ridge/Brooke ship sailed years ago and they are toxic together!

  3. I would really like Ridge and Katie to stay together.Brooke always gets what she wants .I hope she does not this time

  4. i don't want ridge with any of the logan women ..his voice sounds ugly and his ugly hairy face is disgusting like his personality.. i don't know how katie can kiss that ugly duckling, brook should go back to bill and give bill the signed documents she kept for katie so katie will lose the company and back to bill.

  5. keep hope and wyatt together for good...tired of liam with hope...find a nice role for ally ...she looks stupid as a crazy woman . get her out of wyatt and hope's life...

  6. Here we go again. Liam leave Hope alone. She's not your responsibility anymore, Wyatt is. Let them deal with whatever they have to deal with without the constant fighting. Liam needs too stop stalking Hope and Wyatt. Wyatt and Hope don't need anymore stress.

  7. For one of us that has watched this show since it first aired, can tell all of you that you need to check your facts about these characters. Katie is no angle, she slept with someone that was married to someone in her family. All of them have had on again and off again relationships. As far as Katie being Miss Perfect, she had her role in this between Logan and Bill. How is what she is doing any different than what Logan did. I too would like to see Eric and Logan back together again. As for Liam, He's only doing to Wyatt what Wyatt did to him. I don't like Wyatt at all nor do I like his evil mother. But, I don't write the show. Just sit back, keep our yaps closed and see where they take it. If you don't like what they are writing in; then change the channel. Go Liam and Hope!! Wyatt looks like a long neck chicken they could have found someone more handsome than him, YUCK!!

    1. As a person that has watched the show from day one, I can say that Liam is no saint. He's a liar, and cheater that forced Hope to have sex with him when she wasn't ready in fear that he'll keep sleeping with Steffy. She had to take drugs to have sex with Liam and even then she was terrified, but of course as usual Liam had no clue. If she goes back with Liam, I hope he treats her like a dog and goes back with Steffy if she comes back because Wyatt is too good for her anyway. The only thing Wyatt is guilty of is loving a Logan too much. Any man that fall in love with a Logan becomes emotionally abused. At this point I'd rather a good man like Wyatt find someone who's good for him. When Liam screws up again, and he will I hope Wyatt spits in her face when she tries to come back. The Logan women are all sluts anyway who have a persona of purity and decency. Beneath it all they're no good for no one and just use men. As for Wyatt he's gorgeous. Maybe you should fix the pixils on your ancient t.v.

  8. Yeah some remember Miss Katie's dirty laundry. This Ridge Is so Scurry looking, yuck. Where does he get off telling Eric to fix it. Does bother trying to explain why he thinks he should have the job, just that he is ENTITLED To it, and that he had his eye on the job since he was a child. Let him go fight Nick for Marone money, he has walked over everyone there re including Eric. Brooke didn't take Bill, Miss Katie pushed & pushed them together. When she changes her mind, they should pity her because she was sick? She Had A Heart Attack, But Got Out Of Bed To Go After Steffie. Katie is a spoiled sneaky brat. She had her eye on Ridge all along. How long before she disappoints Ridge & he runs back to Brooke. I hope Brooke has finally gotten tired of his abuse & kicks his Ass to the CURB. RICK & THORNE ARE ERIC SONS. Ridge is not by blood or deeds. Since, Katie is running behind him to keep him from Brooke, maybe she should hire him so she knows where he is 24/7.

  9. Wyatt is revolting, get Hope back with Liam please... also if Brooke is so concerned about having her family back together for RJ' s sake, why leave him in a boarding school for 10 years!! I still cant get over the fact that when he was about 3 years old, he used to play with Hope & Aly, who were about 5 years old. Now he comes back from boarding school and looks about 12!! What is he, a dwarf or something?

  10. So sick of Wyatt being dragged down and used by everyone. I wish he'd punch Liam lights out when he asked him to leave and he won't but Wyatt isn't the violent type like Liam is. Of course it's alright with Hope that Liam stays, but when Liam asked Wyatt to leave, Hope tells Wyatt to leave and give her and Liam a minute. She cares nothing for Wyatt. She only used him for sex and to get Liam jealous and to want her more. It worked Hope, congrats. You won one and lost one. Any man that tries to be with Hope, they get destroyed. Brooke claimed she loved Bill. When Ridge came back she treated Bill like trash. Now that Ridge doesn't want her, she's back to using Bill until Ridge decides to come back. Then she'll treat Bill like trash again and come up with some bogus reason to dump him. She'll sneak around making out with Ridge until she gets caught. That will be her way out just like her daughter. The Logan women all have the same disgusting pattern. Brooke desperately wants to be Forester. If Hope goes back to Liam, a lot of people will hate her.

  11. Put hope and liam back together stop running the same storyline and let them have the life they both always wanted.