Tuesday, April 29, 2014

NEWS: Will 'Nashville' Leave Nashville? 'Skins' Returning? Showtime Developing 'Snowfall'

Could 'Nashville' production be leaving for Austin?
Executives from the ABC television series Nashville have explored moving the production to other states, amid ongoing talks with local officials about an economic incentive package for a third season.

There's little doubt that if ABC picks up Nashville for a third season, the combined economic incentives from state and local government will be less lucrative than the show received for the first two seasons.

Discussions underway for 'Skins' return
Creator Bryan Elsley is in talks over the creation of a new series charting the lives of a fourth generation of party loving teens, a year after the final episode aired on E4.

Confirming that the show’s original broadcaster Channel 4 would not be involved, Elsley said, “The thing about the modern world now is that the future is neither film nor television series, not platform, nor not platforms. It is about collaboration, co-production and the internet. Somehow that equation has got to be worked out and I think it will be worked out quite quickly. Whether it will be worked out in time for Skins I don’t know."

HBO Ratings: Another Record for ‘Game of Thrones’
GoT averaged 6.9 million viewers for its 9 p.m. telecast, gaining about 300,000 viewers from last week (6.59 million) and about 1.55 million more than its episode on the final Sunday of last year (5.35 million), according to Nielsen. Its previous high had been the 6.635 million for its fourth-season premiere on April 6.

Showtime Drama To Chronicle Origins Of Crack Cocaine Epidemic In Los Angeles
John Singleton is returning to the setting of his debut feature Boyz In The Hood – 1984 Los Angeles — with Snowfall, a drama series project set up at Showtime. Told through the eyes of a young black kid from Compton, a Mexican wrestler and a CIA agent charged with running money to the Contras, Snowfall will examine the beginnings of the crack cocaine epidemic in Los Angeles. Allegedly fueled by CIA involvement stemming from the Iran-Contra affair, the drug started flowing to the U.S. in 1984, with Los Angeles as the first city to get hit hard.

Eva Longoria continues venture into politics, but will she run for office?
“I am focused on doing my part as a citizen. Whether it is through the Eva Longoria Foundation, which is focused on empowering Latinas via education and entrepreneurship, or making documentaries that humanize certain issues. I don't think you have to be a politician to be political.”

Ace Nollywood film producer, Amaka Igwe, dies at 51
Amaka Igwe, who was trained in theater arts, has produced movies, series and soap operas for television, film and video. In the 1990s the immensely popular soap opera, Checkmate, catapulted her to national renown and is among the standard-setting works for Nollywood productions.

Yahoo Bets on Live Music, New Original Web Series
This year's “newfront” presentations are underway, and Monday night saw Yahoo’s turn to pitch it’s new content offerings to media buyers.

The company’s senior executives took the opportunity to unveil two new original video series and a major partnership with entertainment firm Live Nation that will enable it to live-stream a new concert every day for an entire year.

Alibaba To Take Big Stake in Web Video Company Youku
Youku's TV dramas are mostly soap-opera-like programs with extended storylines. They had about 25 million average daily views in Q1, according to data from T.H. Capital. Internet users in China watching videos online jumped 83.8% last year to 247 million, according to statistics from the Chinese government.

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  1. I appreciate WLS aggregating so many entertainment and continuing stories from far & wide. That Showtime series sounds like a 1980s version of Traffic but it sounds very interesting nonetheless.
    I read that article on Yahoo! this morning. Someone in the article cited Yahoo having a "Me too" mindset and I think this is the case but I'm interested in whether this will take off for Yahoo, a company that has been somewhat stumbling to find a foothold in the last few years.
    I do wish Yahoo would shore up its security and its Spam filters and I find myself avoiding their Homepage because I am indifferent to most of their articles and when I do find an article worth reading, I regret doing so because of the plethora of highly revolting comments posted in their Comments section.
    I think it would take quite a bit for them to coax me to spend precious bandwidth on any of their videos.