Saturday, April 26, 2014

'Days of our Lives' Spotlight: Jack Deveraux and Jennifer Horton

Photo Credit: NBC
I recently wrote out about the disastrous pairing of Daniel (Shawn Christian) and Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) on Days of Our Lives, asking if it was time for them to call it quits.  Based on the emails, comments on this website and the social media responses we received, many fans think it is.

The continued focus on this couple in the past few weeks has not helped make me root for them. In fact, I find myself rooting for Liam (Mark Collier). Something is not working. What did work for many years was the pairing of Jack and Jennifer. In their time they were the it couple. Their story had so many layers to it and the audience longed for them to be together. There was angst, drama, laughter, adventure and, most of all, love. It was obvious these two people belonged together.

The dynamic Matthew Ashford (the definitive Jack Deveraux) may never return to the show. And if he did, would it even be possible to recapture the dynamic the couple once had? Could the writers finally get it right? Jack and Jennifer fans remained very loyal to their favorite couple over the years, and they never had it easy.

So for those Jack and Jennifer fans out there, or for DAYS fans who never experienced this couple at their peak, below are a selection of classic videos that I consider to be some of their most defining moments.


Would you want Matthew Ashford return to DAYS as Jack? Do you think Jack and Jennifer could work again as a couple? What was your favorite Jack and Jennifer scene? Sound off in the Comments section below.


  1. Yes, I want Matthew Ashford to return as Jack Deveraux like ASAP! I would love to see them as a couple again, but it will not be right away. She needs to be the one that fights for his love this time, but Jennifer needs to find her way back to who she use to be, TPTB have so ruined her character. The Jennifer that we all knew & loved would have mourned the death of Jack & not forgot about him. We see no pictures of him in the Horton living room except we did see them at Christmas. They will go thru the usual Jack & Jennifer miscommunication, trying to fight their feelings, & a bunch of angst before they finally are together. They have been & always will be my favorite "supercouple" There are way to many favorites scenes that I like, so I can not just choose one. Please Days bring back Jack!

  2. I say this all of the time, but there is still so much story left to tell. We accept a lot in soaps, so it's very easy to explain away Jack's "death." I do have to say, as much as this version of Jennifer is a stranger to me, there is a lot of room for character exploration with her. Something snapped in her over the years. Mental illness runs in the family. And why does she ALWAYS need a man?

  3. Agree! Way to much of their story yet to tell. Jennifer has always been afraid that she would be like her Mother and end at Bayview or wherever Laura was committed. Wish that Days would explore this issue with Jennifer. No clue why she always thinks she needs a man in her life, the ones she has chosen (except for Jack) have been questionable

  4. Their story could truly begin again. The complexity of both characters would generate a massive amount of story. What would you like to see for Jack and Jennifer, if Jack did return?

  5. It's about time they bring Jack back! There is simply no chemistry between Dr Dan and Jennifer Rose. End Dannifer NOW!!! NBC & Ken Corday need to give us Days fans the best 50th Anniversary possible. There's so much drama for Jack to return to...he is the father of JJ and Abby afterall!