Vinessa Antoine Joins GENERAL HOSPITAL as Jordan

Vinessa Antoine has joined the cast of GENERAL HOSPITAL as "Jordan". She made her debut on the Friday, March 14 episode in a scene with Sean Blakemore's "Shawn".  Will she turn out to be T.J.'s mother?

On Thursday, the actress tweeted a tease about her first appearance on the soap: "Something interesting happening on #GeneralHospital tomorrow!! #ABC #GH"

Antoine's other credits include HEARTLAND, BEING ERICA, HAVEN and SOUL FOOD.


  1. She's listed on the show's Wikipedia page as "Jordan Ashford," so it's a safe bet she's TJ's mother. Hopefully, she will be in and out PC quickly, taking TJ with her.

    PS - She IS gorgeous. I just have a problem with all these new characters coming on when the ones who are there are rarely seen.