Friday, March 14, 2014

Vinessa Antoine Joins GENERAL HOSPITAL as Jordan

Vinessa Antoine has joined the cast of GENERAL HOSPITAL as Jordan. She made her debut on the Friday, March 14 episode in a scene with Sean Blakemore's Shawn.  Will she turn out to be T.J.'s mother?

On Thursday, the actress tweeted a tease about her first appearance on the soap: "Something interesting happening on #GeneralHospital tomorrow!! #ABC #GH"

Antoine's other credits include HEARTLAND, BEING ERICA, HAVEN and SOUL FOOD.


  1. She's listed on the show's Wikipedia page as "Jordan Ashford," so it's a safe bet she's TJ's mother. Hopefully, she will be in and out PC quickly, taking TJ with her.

    PS - She IS gorgeous. I just have a problem with all these new characters coming on when the ones who are there are rarely seen.