Saturday, March 22, 2014

NEWS: Dom Song Used Illegally in OLTL Promo?; NY Writer Diversity Tax Incentives; Sarah Michelle Gellar; James Sutton; Alfre Woodard; Kerry Washington; Eric Braeden

Dom demands his music be taken off ONE LIFE TO LIVE Hulu promos, says he's getting ripped off
Dom, the Massachusetts-born musician who gained some fame a few years ago with his breakout electro-pop hit “Living In America,” claimed this week via Twitter that his song was being used illegally for Hulu ONE LIFE TO LIVE promos.

"So @ABCNetwork @onelifetolive @hulu have used my music 4 over a year without my permission & have decided not 2 pay me #corporateamerica"

New York May Become First State to Incentivize Diversity in Writers' Rooms
Thanks to two new bills currently gaining traction in Albany’s assembly and senate, New York may become the first state to incentivize adding diversity to a production’s writing staff.

The bills, A7373 and S5370, would modify the existing production state tax credit, so that certain New York writing income would qualify as an eligible expense. A company would have to employ women or people of color, and a portion of their New York salaries would qualify for the credit, which hasn’t been the case previously. It’s capped at $50,000 per writer, and an overall expenditure of $3.5 million a year.

“In a $420 million credit, it’s sort of a drop in the bucket, but we think it’s important as a way to diversify writers’ rooms in New York,” said WGAE executive director Lowell Peterson.

Should SCANDAL's Big Death Be the First of Many?
On a show where nothing ever truly changes, one character's death may usher in an era of new progress. Even if they won’t win any awards and aren't widely considered “serious television,” shows like SCANDAL are, most weeks, highly enjoyable. Every now and again, they'll throw us a bone and make a decision that can't be reversed. That was the case Thursday night when, following last week'’s cliffhanger (naturally), the husband of the president’s chief of staff (played by Dan Bucatinsky) was assassinated by the head of top secret spy agency B-613.

SCANDAL's Kerry Washington on Spoilers: ‘If You Don't Wanna Know the Score, Don't Follow ESPN’
"Folks mad about spoilers are making me laugh. I feel u're pain but thats what EVENT TV is! If u dont wanna know the score, dont follow ESPN."

Eric Braeden on how men are portrayed on TV and the watered down scripts for Y&R's Victor Newman vs. Ian Ward scenes
"There's a tendency in this country — dictated by revenue — to make men look like a------s. They do that in order to sell products to women. Look at most commercials! The men are portrayed as schmucks! As boobs! As doofuses! The kids are smarter than the men. The wives are smarter. It happens in comedy series all the time, too. The man is the idiot and the woman is always raising her eyebrows or rolling her eyes in exasperation. I resent the hell out of that and it ain't gonna happen with me and my character!"

"I did not like that they watered down the script for those scenes. I honestly don't know what happened, but we were not allowed to do it the way it was originally written. It was not what it should have been. But Ray Wise is a wonderful actor."

ABC Family decides to not proceed with ALICE IN ARABIA
“The current conversation surrounding our pilot was not what we had envisioned and is certainly not conducive to the creative process,” a spokesperson told BuzzFeed.

Sarah Michelle Gellar Disses Kim Kardashian Vogue Cover
Gellar tweeted what a lot of people were thinking about Kim Kardashian's Vogue cover -- blasting Anna Wintour for putting the reality TV star on the front of the fashion bible. Tweeted the actress: "Well......I guess I'm canceling my Vogue subscription. Who is with me???"

Alfre Woodard To Play US President In NBC Pilot STATE OF AFFAIR
Woodard is taking on a presidential turn opposite Katherine Heigl in the NBC drama pilot.

WWE Proposes 8 New Reality Shows for the WWE Network
WWE sent fans a survey this week trying to gauge interest in new reality shows for the WWE Network, asking them to rate their interest in each idea, and answer whether any of them would increase the likelihood of a future subscription to the Network.

The Weird and Wonderful Bottle Season of THE WALKING DEAD
The show has fully embraced the Bottle Episode as its defining storytelling mechanism. The term “Bottle Episode” is basically understood by everyone, although it has two very different definitions: One clear and concrete, the other hazier but arguably more interesting.

HOLLYOAKS' James Sutton on John Paul future: 'He has to get justice'
The actor's tormented character was left devastated in Friday's episode as he was sentenced to six months in prison for his attack on Robbie Roscoe. Speaking in a new video Q&A released by Hollyoaks, Sutton hinted that it is only a matter of time before John Paul starts defending himself by revealing that he was raped by Finn (Keith Rice).

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