Monday, March 3, 2014

Facebook Releases the Most Social Moments of The Oscars

The Facebook data team looked at all the conversation around the Oscars last night and found that 11.1 million people had over 25.4 million interactions (posts, comments and likes). The top social moments on Facebook were:

1. 12 Years a Slave wins Best Picture

2. Jared Leto wins Best Supporting Actor and thanks his mom

3. Matthew McConaughey wins Best Actor

4. Bette Midler sings "Wind Beneath My Wings"

5. Pizza at the Oscars

And the demo breakdown of what groups were talking about the show most were:

1. Women, 18-34

2. Women, 35-49

3. Men, 18-34

4. Women, 50+

5. Men, 35-49

Meanwhile, the Oscards were up on the ratings.

Academy Awards Average: From 8:30-11:30 p.m. (the official Nielsen end-time will be 11:41 p.m., based on the conclusion of the final national commercial spot in the program), the 2014 Academy Awards telecast averaged a 27.9 Household rating, 41 share in the overnight Metered Markets, up 7% from a 26.1/41 last year and tracking as the highest rating since 2005. Among Adults 18-49, the 2014 Academy Awards delivered a 16.2/39 rating in Nielsen’s LPM (Local People Meter) markets.

Competitive Sunday Prime Averages: Competitively, with the 86th Annual Academy Awards broadcast and Oscar's Red Carpet 2014 pre-show during Sunday’s prime (7-11 p.m. for ABC, CBS and NBC, 7-10 p.m. for Fox), ABC beat CBS, NBC and Fox combined by +224% on average in the U.S. Household Metered Markets (ABC = 21.4 rating vs. 6.6 = CBS, NBC and Fox combined).

Top 5 Household Metered Markets: The Top 5 highest-rated markets for the 2014 Academy Awards telecast were New York (37.1 rating), Kansas City (37.0 rating), Chicago (36.0 rating), West Palm Beach (33.3 rating), Los Angeles (32.6 rating-tie) and San Francisco (32.6 rating-tie).

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