Tuesday, March 25, 2014

EASTSIDERS Launches Web Comic On March 27, New Pages on Mondays and Thursdays (Preview)

Six-time Indie Series Award-nominated EASTSIDERS has announced the next chapter in its life: as a web comic. The first installment will debut on the show's website (EastSidersTheSeries.com) on Thursday, March 27, with subsequent pages rolling out on Mondays and Thursdays through April 28.

Conceived as part of the successful Kickstarter campaign that funded the first season of the series, the web comic will pick up the story from the moment the first season left off, continuing the final scene of the first season. The web comic will be written by series creator Kit Williamson and illustrated by Aman Chaudhary.

"I have always loved comic books and graphic novels and I am so excited to continue this story in a new medium," said Williamson. "I've already written the second season of EASTSIDERS and the comic will serve as both a stand-alone story and a bridge connecting the two seasons. I'm so grateful to our Kickstarter backers for making it possible for us to explore the characters in this way, while we work on making the second season a reality."

Check out more preview images below:

Williamson, Van Hansis and Matthew McKelligon will be presenters at next week's 5th Annual Indie Series Awards.

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