Saturday, February 8, 2014

NEWS: CORONATION STREET Star William Roache Cleared of Rape, Indecent Assault Charges; Y&R Recasting Kelly?; Julie Poll on Writing for Soaps

CORONATION STREET actor William Roache cleared of rape, indecent assault charges
Roache, 81, who has played Ken Barlow in the world's current longest-running TV soap since it began in 1960, had pleaded not guilty to two counts of raping a 15-year-old girl in 1967 and four counts of indecent assault involving four girls aged 11 to 16 in Manchester in the late 1960s.

Roache to return to CORONATION STREET in the summer
Roaches has not appeared since his arrest over allegations of rape and indecent assault in 2013.

Police confirm new allegations against Bill Roache
Detectives are examining "further information" which came to light during the CORONATION STREET actor's trial, which saw him acquitted of all charges.

Emergency recast for Kelly on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS?
Now that the MTV pilot FINDING CARTER has been picked up, it appears that Cynthia Watros (Kelly, Y&R), who is part of that cast, will be too busy for her daytime job.

A casting call went out from the soap for an actress to play Molly but the role sounds suspiciously like Kelly. The character is described as a blonde in the mid-30s to 40 age range and "has been down a difficult path in life, but is beginning to live again." When asked if Watros was leaving, a Y&R spokesperson declined to comment.

Julie Poll: My Life Writing for the Soaps
Every soap has a Bible written by its creator that outlines the show’s theme. For AS THE WORLD TURNS it was: As the world turns, we know the bleakness of winter, the promise of spring, the fullness of summer and the harvest of autumn. Like other show Bibles, AS THE WORLD TURNS included a description of the core families and detailed back stories of the main characters. The head writer writes long term story projections of up to two years. Following these story lines the head writer maps out the week scene by scene. She (or he) has a staff of six to ten associate writers. Each writer writes one day of the week. There are breakdown writers and scriptwriters. Breakdown writers write the narrative script and the scriptwriter dialogues it. There is also a script editor who makes sure all the days track. It’s like an assembly line that can’t break down and writers can’t miss their deadlines.

If you are assigned the script for a Friday episode you know they really like your work because you are writing the script that brings the audience back on Monday. As Agnes Nixon, the creator of several soap operas, once famously said “Make them laugh, make them cry, make them wait.”

San Francisco woman mistaken for Brazilian soap star, becomes meme
Photographer Helena Price's Twitter account @helena was blasted with thousands of tweets earlier this week from strangers, mostly in Portuguese. They were all worried about the fate of a character named Helena in a new Brazilian soap opera EM FAMILIA. Even though she looks nothing like the actress.
She quickly gained roughly 8,000 followers (and counting), even after attempting to quell the confusion by updating her Twitter bio (“not the actress, DJ, Brazilian soap opera star, or state capital”).

Then, the president of Brazil seemed to tweet at her inviting her to come to Brazil for the World Cup.

Her new, helpful fans quickly pointed out that the apparent presidential tweet was actually from a parody account. Then it got even weirder: The story caught on, and Helena became a meme in Brazil.

Paul Wesley Will Make His Directorial Debut On THE VAMPIRE DIARIES
The man behind Stefan Salvatore will direct an upcoming Season 5 episode. “It’s an honor,” he tells BuzzFeed.

Gay kiss in soap opera AMOR A VIDA is landmark moment for Brazil
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t was an unlikely romance. FĂ©lix had narrowly avoided jail after defrauding a hospital and throwing his sister’s baby in a rubbish skip. Niko had just fathered a child with a surrogate mother who ran off with his ex-boyfriend.
But when the two men kissed during the finale of Brazil’s hit soap opera AMOR A VIDA last week, the Latin American country came to a standstill. It was the first time Brazil’s powerful Globo television network had aired a kiss between two male characters in its 49-year history – a turning point for a country that is still deeply conservative in spite of a reputation for carnival and skimpy bikinis.

Deidre Hall thrilled with Indie Series Awards nomination
"I'm thrilled to be nominated for Best Supporting Actress for my role in Dating in the Middle Ages," the DAYS OF OUR LIVES actress tweeted.

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