David Tom Previews Billy's Story on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: 'A Fuse Has Been Lit and It's Getting Closer and Closer To An Explosion'

David Tom - Photo Credit: Bjoern
Emmy winner David Tom spoke with TV Guide Magazine in a new interview about his return to THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS as Billy Abbott on February 3. Tom, who played the part from 1999-2002, replaces Emmy winner Billy Miller who is leaving the show on January 30.

"It feels totally comfortable and I'm smiling from ear to ear," Tom told the magazine. It's like I'm still waiting to snap out of a dream. It's so great to be back working with Peter Bergman [Jack] and Jess Walton [Jill], again. When I left, Billy was more of a boy. Now I get to play him as an adult, with all his adult problems."

Tom also previewed what's ahead for the character of Billy.

"For now, he's furious that Adam did what he did and — even worse — kept it a secret."

Meanwhile, will Victoria (Amelia Heinle) find out about Billy's grief sex with Kelly (Cynthia Watros)?

"Something very big is going to happen with this. A fuse has been lit and it's getting closer and closer to an explosion."


  1. Really looking forward to having David Tom back, now as an adult. Wishing you good luck with your return to the Y&R. However, I would be remiss if I didn't say that I am deeply saddened that Billy Miller is leaving the show. I have always loved his acting and the part he played as Billy Abbott. I do hope we see more of Billy Miller in some other TV shows in the near future. It would be a shame to lose him completely from TV. Hope you have some future endeavours lined up Billy! But, David, very excited to see you back!

  2. Why are they writing in something that DID NOT HAPPEN!!!!!! Billy did not have sex with Kelly! He got up from the couch, grabbed his shirt and walked to the door and left telling Kelly he could not do this to Victoria. Billy would not have had sex with Kelly no matter how he was feeling, because of 3 reasons: he knows how much pain this would bring to Victoria. He would not destroy the family he has with Victoria and Johnny and would NEVER do that to Victoria again. The last and most important fact would be proving Victor was right about Billy all along. You are going down the wrong path with this.....

    1. This is not a re-write. Perhaps you misinterpreted the Billy-Kelly sex scene, since it was split between two episodes, but they definitely done the deed. And if there was any question about what happened then, there was no question about it in their subsequent conversation a few episodes later when Kelly came over for dinner at Billy and Victoria's home. When Victoria and Ben were out in the kitchen, Billy was trying to calm Kelly down over her fear that Victoria would sense her guilt about what she and Billy had done with Kelly saying: " ... all Victoria is going to have to do is take one look at me, and she'll figure out that I had sex with you."

      So, yep, they had sex.

  3. I agree with u anonymous I don't believe they had sex either...whether it was said on the show or not..poor writing...or a mishap..not changing the line. Who cares its dumb either way