NEWS: Chandler Massey, Guy Wilson, Dot-Marie Jones, Devin DeVasquez, Charlie Brooks, Nick Nolte

Chandler Massey will last air as Will Horton on DAYS OF OUR LIVES January 2nd
January 2 marks two-time Emmy winner Chandler Massey's last day as Will Horton. On January 8, Guy Wilson will assume the role. Here's a shot of him with Freddie Smith's Sonny.

GLEE's Dot-Marie Jones Is Married
Jones and her longtime girlfriend, Bridgett Casteen, exchanged vows at their Los Angeles home Saturday night.

Ronn Moss' wife Devin DeVasquez asks: What Has Happened To Our Soaps?
"Many of you had been asking what I thought of this hyped up recast and I waited until the debut of Thornsten Kaye as the NuRidge to give it. I simply didn’t think this recast was going to fly with the worldwide fansbase that Ridge Forrester has had for 25 plus years now. And I thought this guy should have been given a new character because it was simply hard to see him as Ridge after Ronn has played him for so long. It was disrespectful to the role and to Ronn on so many levels."

Nick Nolte Joins Fox Event Series GRACEPOINT as Series Regular
Nolte will play Jack Reinhold, described as a stubborn, unmarried, willful man, who has lived in titular town Gracepoint for 20 years. He runs the kayak rental on the beach as well as the local wildlife observation program, where the murdered boy at the center of the plot was one of his volunteers.

EASTENDERS' Charlie Brooks on leaving BBC's flagship soap opera
Charlie Brooks knows that she’s universally loathed as Walford’s merry multiple murderess Janine Butcher.

“You’re right,” she admits. “I’m sure I’ve got one of those faces that people just want to kick in whenever they see it. Though saying that, people are generally very nice. You get a few people shouting at you, but I’d rather play Janine than anyone else.”

But if you thought the season of goodwill might mellow Janine in any way, rest assured that EastEnders will be serving up the usual fare of blackmail, betrayal and – just maybe – murder after the turkey.

CORONATION STREET's Kylie Platt will be forced to spend Christmas night in a police cell as she faces the consequences of her latest bad behavior.

EMMERDALE's Declan Macey (Jason Merrells) will commit arson at Home Farm on Christmas Day - wanting to destroy everything including himself now that he is facing financial ruin.

HOLLYOAKS' John Paul McQueen is falsely accused of having an affair with his student Finn O'Connor.


  1. I don't know why Devin needs to diss new Ridge. Recasts have always been part of soaps and will always be. That chick should get over it, because ratings prove that Ronn Moss isn't necessary for B&B. In Europe nobody cares about this soap anymore. In Italy B&B just got a great timeslot on the right network, every other soap would be great in it, too, while in Germany it got cancelled after two decades on air, because no one tuned in anymore, even when Ridge and Stephanie were still around.

  2. Doesn't Ronn Moss see that his wife's petty blog posts are reflecting on him? I get that she wants to stand by her man but he chose to leave the show. I think Thorsten Kaye is doing a bang-up job and brings a new gravitas to the character with his considerable acting talent.

    1. The one cute part was she spelled Thorsten "Thornsten" which means she must be a B&B fan. ;)

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