Sunday, December 15, 2013

DAYS OF OUR LIVES Day-By-Day Spoilers (Week of December 16th)

Will Sonny expose Sami, Gabi and Kate's secret? Photo Credit: NBC
Check out day-to-day spoilers and a preview video below to find out what's happening on DAYS OF OUR LIVES during the week of December 16th.


Monday, December 16
Will (Chandler Massey) presses a reluctant Sonny (Freddie Smith) to reveal what he overheard; Nicole (Arianne Zucker) tells a lie for Eric's (Greg Vaughan) benefit; Victor (John Aniston) reacts badly when he learns Nicole is living with Daniel (Shawn Christian); Brady (Eric Martsolf) has upsetting news for Jennifer (Melissa Reeves).

Tuesday, December 17
Will confronts Sami (Alison Sweeney) about her big secret; Gabi (Camila Banus) realizes that Sonny knows the truth; Daniel is appalled when he hears about the lie Nicole has told Eric; Abigail (Kate Mansi) talks to EJ (James Scott) about Jack.

Adrienne sets up Jennifer with a new man.
Photo Credit: NBC
Wednesday, December 18
JJ (Casey Moss) carries out a plot to neutralize Theresa (Jen Lilley); Adrienne (Judi Evans) sets up Jennifer with a new man; Sami, Kate (Lauren Koslow) and Gabi race to stop Sonny from revealing their secret to Justin (Wally Kurth).

Thursday, December 19
EJ tries to trick Gabi into revealing everything; JJ's plan to trap Theresa backfires; a desperate Sami gets into a huge fight with Ciara; Hope (Kristian Alfonso) receives a stunning call from Bo; Daniel is rattled when he overhears Jennifer making plans for a date.

Friday, December 20
EJ makes a startling discovery, and he later confronts Sami with what he's learned; Kate, Gabi and Sonny get an alarming surprise when they take Arianna to visit Santa; Eric has a disturbing dream about Nicole; Kate and Jordan (Chrishell Stause) share a tense moment.

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  1. Gabi, Sami, Kate murder of Nick very sim. to Sam, Chrissie, Zoe murder of Dirty Den on Eastenders circa 2005. A few few tweaks but almost identical plot points. Still, I'd rather see a sim. SL than so much of what our (US) soaps have been feeding us for years. I LOVED the Eastenders SL in a big way, so I'm enjoying the sim SL on Days. BWT Zoe was young and nearly unraveled after the killing, much like Gabi seems to be doing on Days. Watching how the three characters struggled after Den's murder kept me glued to the show! Chrissies was COLD, but at least she knew where Den's body was! Days is good, and if they can keep it from going all draggy between sweeps periods, it'll be even better.

    1. Interesting that you say that because the murder of Dirty Den storyline is playing out right now on Eastenders in the US. Eastenders is shown on our PBS stations but is 8 years behind. The murder of Dirty Den is being played right now. I will have to watch for the similarities

    2. I'm not sure how the Days reveal will be. I'm guessing it will be very different, but the idea and the initial execution of the SL are sim. in story beats -- in a good way, though. I doubt the SL sim. were intentional, but this is def a good SL for Days. I am loving it as many others seem to be too.