Watch the Final Minutes of Friday's THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS Clifftwister

The last few minutes of THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS were interrupted Friday on the East Coast by a CBS News special report. Viewers were headed toward a huge clifftwister as Nikki prepared to reveal to her family that Dylan was her son. Coverage of the JFK assassination 50th anniversary prevented many from seeing it unfold live. You can watch the dramatic ending in the clip below:


  1. it was great I have watch Y&R from day one.

  2. Its so dark can't barely see anyone this once great soap is being destoryed by the destroyer of soaps JFP and i'm sad to say it will die just like so many other great soaps.

  3. Y&R is a shell of its former self. I tuned out months ago when the character of Dylan was front-burnered and Steve Burton has given one flat, soulless performance after another (I did like Burton most of his time as Jason Morgan.) Sharon Newman has been ruined when Sharon Case is an excellent veteran performer with a rich character history. Marco Dapper as Carmine had HUGE potential and ruined before the character was killed off. Kay Chancellor's death was a joke.

    Jill Farren Phelps has played out 2 of the exact same stories from GH in Jake's hit-and-run death (see death of Jake Spencer) and Michael entering prison to protect Finn who has gone to prison for murder (see Jason going to prison to protect Michael.) JFP was let go from GH when the ratings were so low, cancellation was being actively discussed. Why is she still working in daytime? Y&R is unwatchable.