Thursday, November 14, 2013

NEWS: Denyse Tontz to DALLAS; DAYS OF OUR LIVES Couple To Wed; Jill Larson on the End of ALL MY CHILDREN

ALL MY CHILDREN star Denyse Tontz will appear on TNT's DALLAS
Tontz was in Dallas in recent days and posted photos on her Instagram account including this one with the caption: "Gettin ma big sexy hurr on. @Dallas_TNT"

Jill Larson on the end of ALL MY CHILDREN
"Greetings all, well I finally got the official call, saying PP is not going forward with AMC 'at this time', left the door open a crack, hmmm! As disappointing as that news is, it was not a surprise. Just as they did the first time, PP chose to remain silent regarding their activities, and now that I've had some experience with them, I do believe that it was because Jeff [Kwatinetz, PP's co-chief] just kept on beating the bushes trying to raise the money, never willing to cry uncle. I am sad for all of us, from Jeff to all of you, but gosh I'm grateful for the chance we had to make something new and wonderful from our beloved shows. Maybe when more fans are computer-savvy, and go online for content as a regular habit, investors will feel comfortable putting money into what was a grand experiment, perhaps ahead of its time, and only time will tell. Take care of yourselves, my lovelies, sending love to you all!"

Ryan Murphy describes the Stevie Nicks AMERICAN HORROR STORY cameo
In Episode 10, Nicks will appear as "part of Fiona's ruse in that Fiona is trying to get the true Supreme to reveal herself because she needs to stay alive," says Murphy.

Aisha Tyler will appear on Ryan Murphy's OPEN
Tyler will guest star in the sex-and-relationships drama as Monica, a happily married nurse at Grace’s (Michelle Monaghan) practice who possesses a modern outlook on matrimony.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES couple getting married

DAYS will host a wedding for resident gay couple Sonny (Freddie Smith) and Will (Guy Wilson) in the upcoming months. Peggy McCay let the big secret slip without the studio's knowledge during a fan event last weekend.

"Two young men on our show are getting married – two gay men. And we’re all celebrating," she said before being reminded by a co-star that the storyline has not yet been made public. "I shouldn't have said anything."

Video of McCay's comment has since been removed from YouTube.

Alison Sweeney's BIGGEST LOSER Blog: Ruben Studdard's Surprising Return
"I love to cook for my family and definitely learned a few things while watching the contestants make their dishes. The alternatives for chips with the sweet potatoes and kale were great choices and ones we do at my house as well and that my kids love."

TREME actor Rob Brown hits Macy’s with class action ‘shopping while black’ lawsuit
Brown, in a scathing new 42-page federal class-action lawsuit, charged that Macy’s “policies and practices have left ... customers of color feeling victimized, humiliated, traumatized” from coast to coast.

Maksim Chmerkovskiy to Return to DANCING WITH THE STARS as Guest Judge
Maks will be joining regular judges Carrie Ann Inaba, Len Goodman and Bruno Tonioli for the first ever "plugged/unplugged" night on Monday November 18 at 8 p.m. on ABC.

DOCTOR WHO's Pleasantly Shocking 50th-Anniversary Teaser Webisode
After "The Night of the Doctor," fans might want to rethink their expectations for the upcoming big episode.


  1. She may be too young but Denyse might have been a good Elena on Dallas.

  2. Well, of course, everyone is (probably correctly) assuming that Peggy was referring to Sonny & Will as the ones who are getting married, but she didn't really use their names.

    I mean - it could be friends of theirs - like Brian, Brent, Neil, or Audrey's gay brother, or even any of those guys Will was playing beer pong with .. lol!

    And, of course, it could always be, Will isn't marrying Sonny, or Sonny isn't marrying Will, and it's one of those quickie soap opera weddings where two characters who barely even know each other get hitched for some other reason besides love, or they're currently on the outs with their respective partners and wake up drunk-married. Now that could be fun!

  3. I fully realize that it isn't absolutely certain Will and Sonny are getting married on DOOL, but I am still feeling very emotional about Peggy McCay's comments for several reasons. First, although I am sure Guy Wilson will be great, Chandler Massey leaving the show makes me a bit sad. Also, mostly, ATWT's Luke and Noah should have had the opportunity to at least become engaged. I hope DOOL treats Will and Sonny better than Goutman and Passanante treated Luke and Noah. ***sigh***

  4. Oh - your comment made me smile, Fox Crane. Thanks!

    1. For Luke & Noah, I'm thinking the engagement was in California, followed by a simple city hall marriage in New York, with a huge family ceremony back home in Oakdale planned for next June when it becomes legal in Illinois. This will immediately be followed by the long-delayed (real) honeymoon in Paris (naturally!).

      A location shoot is on the storyboard:


    2. Beautifully put, Fox Crane. They will probably had a big "do" at the farm, and a more formal affair at the Lakeview (Lucinda is insisting on it!). Love the picture - gorgeous!

  5. Hmm well Peggy didn't say any names & it could be Sonny or Will with somebody else but of course DAYS will take forever to reveal who's getting married