NEWS: Kim Zimmer to GENERAL HOSPITAL? Briana Nicole Henry joins THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS; DALLAS Split Seasons; Amber Skye Noyes; REVENGE Back From The Dead

Former AS THE WORLD TURNS star Michael Park tweeted this to Zimmer on Monday: "@kimjzimmer you are one of my favorite people I never see!!! Congrats on the tour and the GH gig!"

On October 10th, Zimmer had tweeted: "On the road with Wicked and look forward to General Hospital! The show has been so good with the whole Robin return!"

UPDATED: Zimmer tweeted a clarification on Tuesday saying, "I'm so sorry for the confusion! My text meant that I look forward to "watching" GH while on the road with Wicked!"

Vanessa Marcil maid of honor at Suzanne Whang's wedding
They had planned to elope (Ms. Whang is still $250,000 in debt), but family and friends chipped in for a celebration. Kelly Carlin, the daughter of George Carlin and a Universal Life minister, officiated. Ms. Marcil was a maid of honor, and the guests included the comedian Elayne Boosler and Ben Vereen.

Anjelica Huston ready for a close-up on DOWNTON ABBEY
"I was raised in Ireland and England so I could pop into a part," suggests Huston, whose new memoir, "A Story Lately Told" (on sale Tuesday), recounts the childhood years she spent abroad.

"Somebody like the Countess Markievicz (an Irish rebel), who they mentioned last season. Maybe I could make a guest appearance," she says with a laugh.

BREAKING BAD's Vince Gilligan Inks Rich Multi-Year Deal at Sony TV
Gilligan’s deal for AMC’s BREAKING BAD spinoff BETTER CALL SAUL has been finalized, too, say insiders. He has said that he intends to direct the dramedy pilot and be intimately involved in the writing process for at least the first season of the hour-long effort. If all goes according to plan, Saul will be on the air in 2014, with BAD cast members, including Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, expected to make cameos.

Briana Nicole Henry joins THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS
Henry has been cast in the recurring role as Summer's new model pal, Esmerelda. Look for her to take Summer under her wing during a modeling session on Thursday, December 12.

Y&R production designer Bill Hultstrom on the show's new sets
“The new ranch is a softer version of the penthouse,” the production designer notes. “You’ve still got that weighty architectural feel, but fewer crisp edges.” Because of its easy lines and warm brick palette, the ranch is “more of a Nik-and-Vic space than a titan of industry space.” Which is exactly as it should be. In a plotline worthy of O.Henry, Victor unveiled his plans to rebuild the ranch last Christmas as a surprise for Nikki, who’s always felt safer at 421 Larkspur Trail, Highway B, than anywhere else in the world.

DALLAS showrunner Cynthia Cidre on the split third season
"We will have two season openers and two cliffhangers," teases Cidre of the 15-episode season which will wrap up with seven summer episodes. "We have tried this season to make the show more about Ewing family conflicts — secrets, lies and betrayals. And I think we have succeeded."

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST: Amber Skye Noyes on Tori's Beastly Obstacles, Seeking Out Vincent
"When you first see Tori, she's kind of sneaking off on the balcony, like maybe she's not allowed to -- even though she's obviously an adult -- she could've been locked away or hidden away high in the tower. What is this beast thing going to mean for her? First she's freaked out by it, maybe she'll feel empowered. It's unclear how she's going to harness these powers into the freedom that she's been longing for. Maybe she'll be more confident. There are all these different ways for her to grow a bit."

REVENGE character back from the dead

Amber Valletta's Lydia Davis returned from the dead after presumably perishing in a plane crash at the end of Season 1. Lydia emerged from the shadows as a pawn of Margaux, who is trying to dig up dirt on the Graysons. "I really like Margaux, but she's no match for Lydia," says Valletta, who'll appear in four episodes before starting working on TNT's new political drama, LEGENDS, in March.

CW’s THE FLASH To Do Stand-Alone Pilot Instead Of ‘Arrow’ Backdoor Pilot Episode
Originally, the character, played by Grant Gustin, was supposed to appear in three episodes of ARROW this season — No. 8, No. 9 and No. 20, the last one serving as a backdoor pilot directed by David Nutter. Episodes 8 and 9, in which the superhero is introduced only as his alter ego Barry Allen, have already been shot. But now the CW has opted to film a traditional stand-alone FLASH pilot instead of doing a backdoor pilot as ARROW's Episode 20.

Snooki And ONE LIFE TO LIVE's JWOWW on Iconic Television Duos
What about Lucy and Ethel, who would be who?
JWOWW: "Never saw it. Is that the one with Brad Pitt?"

CORONATION STREET's Michael Le Vell back with his ex-girlfriend as his soap opera love life takes a new twist
The actor has rekindled his romance with Emma Dodd after splitting with Blanca Fouche who stood by him during sex crimes trial.

Corbin Bleu’s DANCING WITH THE STARS Blog: My Action-Packed Week!
"As a performer, it’s so important to remember why we do what we do. Even a high school production was able to move me and give me inspiration, which I’ll take with me to the dance floor. Then hopefully my performance can pass along that same passion to another."


  1. It's hard to believe GH would bring on Kim Zimmer even for a day when they just let Tristan Rogers walk.

    1. Not too hard to believe that any show could "let an actor walk" when said actor is simply recurring. Getting a job elsewhere should always be considered a definite possibility right from the get-go whenever talent is working without the benefit of a contract.

      In any event, Zimmer already tweeted back to Park the following:

      "My dearest Michael, you created havoc by misreading my post! I look forward to "watching" GH! But I love ya to death!"


      "I'm so sorry for the confusion! My text meant that I look forward to "watching" GH while on the road with Wicked!"

  2. I can. TR's Robert Scorpio isn't a good long-term fit for GH. The only way he could remain would be as police commissioner because he isn't a doctor, lawyer, corporate mogul or mob boss. Since fans really like Anna as the Commissioner, what would he do? Sit around & play grandpa to Emma? That's not honoring the character, who is a spy/adventurer/man of action. Luke is settling down w/Tracy. But, Duke is actually better for Anna since he's actually got some business ties & corporate experience. TR gave GH a lot of time. He's on until February 2014.

  3. Any soap fan knew Lydia would eventually show up alive on REVENGE. It took the ratings in the basement for them to finally do it. Not enough to make me tune in again though.

  4. Leave Billy On Y&R , have you guys lost your mind over there or are you truly trying to kill the show? I've been watching from the beginning, but that can change if you don't stop messing with my favorites! And this is no idle threat! Get Real People, stop messing with what isn't broken!!!