Top 5 Reason To Love ISABEL

Michelle Jenner plays Isabella I of Castille in Spain's ISABEL.  Watch
it on DramaFever.
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Lately we've become obsessed with ISABEL from Spain, which on the surface looks a bit like THE TUDORS or THE WHITE QUEEN. But the drama in ISABEL and the dynamic writing and performances really set it apart as one of our favorite series of the year.

Someone recently asked me for a recommendation of something new to watch, a show that has the complexities and drama of the best daytime and primetime serials. My first thought was ISABEL. There are many things that make it special but we've narrowed it down to five. Check out our "Top Five Reasons to Love ISABEL" below:

5. The Action

The battles on ISABEL do not only consist of epic verbal sparring (which is a lot of fun). There are of plenty of action scenes well.

4. Beautiful Scenery

The lush outdoor scenery of ISABEL reminds us of a film. The cinematography is beautiful.

3. The Costumes

No matter what level of society a character it is at on ISABEL, they are always perfectly costumed.

2. Complicated Family Relationships

Family relations are complicated on ISABEL thanks to a combination of outside forces and the character's own needs and ambitions.

1. Character-Driven Drama

ISABEL is one of the best shows on TV or the web because of its stellar writing. You don't ever find yourself saying, , "That character wouldn't do that, or say that." The stories are driven out of who the characters are, and how they interact with each other. That's all it takes to make a compelling soap opera.

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  1. That actress who plays Isabel is FIERCE.