Thursday, September 26, 2013

NASHVILLE's Brilliant Season 2 Premiere Was Its Most Watched Episode Since Last October

Photo Credit: ABC
ABC's NASHVILLE returned on Wednesday night to solid ratings. The episode was down from its first season premiere but up over its May finale by double digits in Total Viewers (+10%) and Adults 18-49 (+11%). The show earned its most-watched telecast since October 17, 2012 and its highest young adult number since January 16, 2013.

The writing of the premiere was superb with Juliette in full diva mode at first, jealous of the attention a comatose Rayna was getting before she decided to take advantage of the situation at her concert and outside the hospital. By the end of the hour, Juliette had befriend Maddie and offered to pay Deacon's bail which demonstrated a vulnerable side (thanks to another wonderful performance by Hayden Panettiere) that makes her one of the most complex characters on TV.

Meahwhile, Deacon was determined to continue self-destructing following the accident with Rayna. He refused to use the public defender and just wanted to rot in jail. But Scarlett, who had turned down Gunnar's propsal, still wanted to help him. Eventually, the public defender found out Deacon wasn't driving the car, even though he told police that he was, and he was released. Charles Esten was brilliant in the moment Deacon reacted to the news that Rayna had woke up and cleared him.

Elsewhere, Will nearly beat up his former flame when they almost kissed, Gunnar tried to get over Scarlett, and Peggy lied to Teddy about the baby after she miscarried.

As the episode closed Rayna (Connie Britton) was brought out of her coma and began to get her strength back just as Lamar was implicated in her mother's death years ago.

If all that wasn't enough, we got a fantastic new Gunnar and Scarlett song, "Why Can't I Say Goodnight."

Watch the episode below:

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