WATCH: L.A. GIRLS Series Premiere

New web series L.A. GIRLS premiered today. The show is a spoof/spin off of the hit HBO show GIRLS, "a raunchy comedy that pushes the limits of what has been seen on the web. The goal was to make these episodes short and concise while still driving the plot forward. The material is edgy while never taking itself too seriously."

Kylie Sparks who has appeared on hit shows such as BONES, DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES,MELISSA AND JOEY, GREEK, and the film, Pizza, stars as the unconventional hero Hannah.

The cast also includes Tiffany Ariany (NEW GIRL) as Shoshana, Rya Meyers (PRETTY LITTLE LIARS) as Marnie, and Victoria Bullock as Jessa. A special guest-star appearance is made by Austin Rogers.

Prior to L.A. GIRLS, Kylie Sparks and Tiffany Ariany worked together on the critically acclaimed web series SQUARESVILLE. On set, the two instantly formed a friendship and were eager to collaborate on a project. Tiffany Ariany came up with the idea of L.A. GIRLS and then brought on Matt Blessing, a graduate of the film program from the University of Miami. He co-wrote the series with Tiffany Ariany and also directed all five episodes. Tiffany Ariany and Matt Blessing share an executive producer credit while Kylie Sparks has a producer credit.

Watch the first episode ("Judaism, Nepotism, and Broken Dreams") below:

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