Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Victor Newman Pays Tribute to Katherine Chancellor at Her YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS Memorial (Video)

"She always spoke the truth to me, no matter what, and I think I've become a better person for it. I know one thing: I will never meet the like of her again," says Victor Newman at Katherine Chancellor's memorial service on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS next week. Check out a preview below:

Let's hope other characters from the past at least get mentioned in the script during the memorial episodes, airing Sept. 3 and 4, because this turnout at Chancellor Park is quite sad. It is hard, no impossible, to believe that Kay planned this celebration of her life herself.

- THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS Will Honor Katherine Chancellor In A Special Two-Part Memorial Service On Sept. 3 & 4
- Y&R Preview: Katherine Chancellor Memorial Service

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  1. I have to wonder how differently this would have been approached and presented if it were on the watch of the late/great Bill Bell, instead of, well, the woman who occupies the office now. It will likely be one of my big soap regrets to know I won't get to see this part of Y&R history told and written by him.