NEWS: Denise Vasi Covers bomshell; GLEE Stage Musical; Monetizing Online Content

Former ALL MY CHILDREN actress and SINGLE LADEIS star Denise Vasi on the cover of bombshell magazine
Denise’s biggest beauty secret: “My fiancĂ© thinks it’s crazy. I use ghee. Ghee is an organic butter used for cooking. I put that on my hands and feet when I have dry skin. You wake up silky soft.”

On how she stays in shape: “I’m not a gym lover (but) I want to look my best for my wedding. I make time with my trainer. We spend an hour training each day.”

On whether or not she’d ever get plastic surgery: “If I have kids and my boobs start to sag, I might need a boob lift — why not? If it makes me feel better, why say no?”

SONS OF ANARCHY's Adam Arkin & ALL MY CHILDREN's Phyllis Lyons To End 14-Year Marriage
They have a son, for whom Adam is seeking joint custody. Lyons played Arlene on AMC in the early '90s.

Startup Revelens Offers Technology Aimed at Monetizing Online Content
Lucas Wilson -- a sales and business development veteran from Hollywood’s technology community and an alum of companies such as Cameron|Pace Group, 3Ality and Assimilate -- has been quietly developing new technology focused on a way of interacting with and monetizing programming. Now he is getting ready to roll out the work of his startup, Revelens, and gave The Hollywood Reporter an early look at his system, which combines online content with advertising and commerce.

Revelens effectively allows content producers to embed information, advertising or commerce opportunities into an online program. When the program is streamed to a device such as a tablet using a supported platform, the viewers can tap on the screen to bookmark a frame if they see something that they like -- for instance, a pair of shoes worn by an actor. Then at any time, they can go back and access information about or purchase the shoes.

The Revelens system is currently in beta, and discussions have started regarding various series. It's scheduled to launch in mid-September, starting with use on IN BETWEEN MEN, a web-only series from Qubed Entertainment.

Fox Executives Reveal GLEE Stage Musical in the Works
Gary Newman, chairman of 20th Century Fox Television, told reporters, "We launched a live stage business with a sold-out arena concert tour in 2011, and now a live stage musical is in the works."

Executives also stated that countries across the world were interested in creating their own series based on the franchise.

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