Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Jeffrey Vincent Parise Joins GENERAL HOSPITAL

Jeffrey Vincent Parise has joined the cast of GENERAL HOSPITAL as Carlos, according to ACCESS HOLLYWOOD.

Carlos is a man from Sabrina’s (Teresa Castillo) past, who shows up in town just as things are going so well for the nurse and her boyfriend, Dr. Patrick Drake (Jason Thompson).

His ties extend beyond his connection to Sabrina and into the murky waters of the Port Charles underworld, ACCESS revealed.

Parise shot his first scenes on August 27th and will make his GH debut as Carlos in mid-September.

He has appeared in primetime shows like CUPID, VERONICA MARS and CASTLE, as well as in daytime soap opera DAYS OF OUR LIVES.

Check out Parise's acting reel below:


  1. It's funny because I remember Sabrina telling Patrick he was the most gorgeous man shes ever laid eyes on...her Carlos looks pretty dang good! (So question: what made her go nerd? gotta be a story there? no way Carlos dated her as such)

  2. I bet this will tie in with Robin coming back.

  3. Doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out this is the *first love* Sabrina told Patrick about leaving back in PR. He's back to get between Sabrina and Patrick to soften the blow for Robin's return. IMO