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ALL MY CHILDREN, ONE LIFE TO LIVE Crew Members Get Residuals Under IATSE Settlement
Armed with evidence that Prospect Park had spent more than $125,000 an episode in some instances, IATSE was able to secure a precedent-shattering deal for its members. The entities reached a settlement which awards crew members a stake in future income, according to an individual with ties to the union.

Under the settlement, the crew will get a 5 percent stake in ancillary profits related to streaming deals, broadcast pacts and other revenue streams, and a slightly smaller percentage of DVD revenue. The payments will be retroactive and will apply to the dozens of episodes already completed.

Oprah Winfrey's OWN Network turns a profit in Q2, six months ahead of schedule
The former talk show host turned cable network owner saw her OWN channel turn a profit in the second quarter – six months ahead of schedule, according to David Zaslav, CEO of Discovery Communications, half-owner of Winfrey’s young enterprise.

The move from red ink to profit was accomplished with additional upfront spending by advertisers and commitments from distribution companies that carry the channel, said Zazlav, who spoke on a morning conference call with Wall Street analysts after reporting a 30 percent rise in revenue and solid gains in profits.

SUPERNATURAL Spin-Off Premise Revealed
The potential offshoot will be set in Chi-town and it seems all is not peaceful there. The project will explore the clashing hunter and monster cultures in the Windy City.

Netflix subscribers still watching just as much boob tube
As the streaming-video site ramps up more original series, a study by TiVo's research arm finds no significant difference in the amount of TV watched by people who subscribe to Netflix and those who don't.

Ruthie from 7TH HEAVEN Does Maxim
Mackenzie Rosman is the latest former child star to strip down for the men's magazine, following in the half-naked footsteps of Alyssa Milano, Miley Cyrus, Danielle Fishel and Ashley Tisdale.

Sarah Michelle Gellar Admits Taking on Taxing RINGER 'Not My Smartest Day'
In retrospect, the actress — back at TCA Monday promoting her new CBS comedy CRAZY ONES — laughed, “I don’t think I really thought that whole ‘twin’ thing through.”

Gellar was referring to the short-lived thriller’s unexpectedly taxing schedule — one that should differ greatly from her impending Crazy journey.

“I’m extremely hopeful” for a more accommodating production schedule, the candid Gellar shared. “I don’t think I realized that there weren’t two of me [during RINGER], and I thought, ‘Yeah, I can handle this with children.’ That was not my smartest day!”

RYAN'S HOPE: "I remember all of them really well because they were good New York actors with a strong work ethic so it was a team effort. It was really a wonderful experience. I loved Ilene Kristen. She is just so creative and just so imaginative and so vulnerable. Just her freeness, she was so free. I think she taught me how to play different sides of a character and not to be intimidated when you're playing someone that is really out there. I really admired her so, without really knowing, I think by osmosis, I picked up some of her skills and I humbly say that because she's INCREDIBLY talented."

FLAMINGO ROAD: "This fabulous casting director, Doris Sabbah, called me in for a role on 'Flamingo Road.' She'd never met me, but my agent submitted me for a role on that show. And 'Flamingo Road' was going to have a young, virginal character on as a regular. So I walked in and I sat down with her and, after reading this script I said to her, 'You know what? I really don't want to play this role.' (laughs) I said 'I've always played these very, very innocent characters and I would really like to play something more substantial."

FALCON CREST: "I went in there very confident and, because I was confident and also because the chemistry was so right between the characters and I, it really started to take very quickly. There was a lot of chemistry between me and Lorenzo Lamas, Billy Moses, and Jane Wyman. Even though I didn't have a lot of scenes with Susan Sullivan we clicked, and Robert Foxworth is such an incredible actor. I had such respect for these actors."

Charlotte Ross offers a preview of HIT THE FLOOR Season 2
"I think that she can see through Jelena very well, because Olivia was extraordinarily driven, sometimes to a fault. She does a lot to get a head, she makes a lot of choices that are void of value, and I think she knows the conniving side Jelena brings to her. I think she can see through it, so I think that having had her hey day makes her a really good boss. She expects nothing but professionalism."

Would THE GOOD WIFE's Julianna Margulies have been happy if it had been Will at the door instead of Cary?
"I would not have been happy if it had been Will -- my heart sank and I thought 'oh god, I hope we're not becoming that soap opera love triangle ... so when I read the ending, I remember calling these guys and saying 'you're so brilliant, thank you.' There probably wasn't one working woman watching that who didn't understand it."

Lindsay Lohan Lands 1st Post-Rehab Gig Hosting CHELSEA LATELY
E! Entertainment announced today that Lohan will take over as guest host for Chelsea Handler on August 5. No word on who will be joining Lohan on the late -comedy talk show’s roundtable or who she’ll be interviewing, but E! claims it will be an “all-star event.”

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