Q&A: Julia Barr & Jordan Lane Price Talk ALL MY CHILDREN

Julia Barr and Jordan Lane Price - Photos: Sue Coflin/Max Photos
ALL MY CHILDREN stars Julia Barr (Brooke English) and Jordan Lane Price (Celia Fitzgerald) participated in a conference call with the media last week to discuss the soap and their characters. Check out a transcript below.

Brooke has always tried to deal with Erica and for the first time for what seems like forever she’s sort of free to roam the romance world without any Erica Kane interference. So what has that been like for you? And also what it has been like working with Michael Nader outside of Erica’s world?

JULIA BARR: Well actually even though Susan - Erica - is not around they’ve, you know, filled Brooke’s hands up with a lot of dysfunctional family things. So she has more than enough on her plate and, you know, so I love Susan and I love everything that we’ve ever done. So I hope that we can, you know, sort of redo that again at some point.

And at first Michael Nader - he’s a dream. I mean, you know, I haven’t seen him in I guess close to ten years and it’s just - it’s so nice because we have a very similar approach even though our characters are very different to working. And we both have a sense of humor which, you know, sometimes in the course of a day that’s a requirement and it’s really lovely to work with him. I’m very glad that the show decided to bring him back.

For Jordan, I’m curious as to what your friends think of you being on a soap opera? Is it like a world that other young people you know follow or does it all kind of seem boring to them?

JORDAN LANE PRICE: Well my friends are really excited I think in general it’s just really exciting and the soap does have like a fresher feel right now so there has been a lot of press about it and people are seeing things about it. So they’re basically really excited, really happy about it, and they’ve been watching and a lot of my friends have actually told me that they’re like super addicted so that’s a good thing.

Are they all in love with Robert?

JORDAN LANE PRICE: Yes.  Everywhere I go I have people telling me oh my gosh he’s so gorgeous. Okay yes, you know.

I wanted to know about - if you could talk about the shooting of the scenes for the upcoming gala. We saw a little bit from the Jake Tapper piece he did for CNN.  And I just wanted to know about like the hours or the behind scenes. Can you talk a little bit about that and how it’s different from shooting those type of scenes when you do them on ABC how it’s different?

JULIA BARR: Well I think there’s a certain similarity just because whether, you know, it’s on network or, you know, for online because of the nature of a, you know, party scenes which means there’s more people. There’s more involved, you know, action wise. A lot of times there’s, you know, multiple storylines that are being sort of seamed through the party.

So I would have to say that mostly it’s, you know, there’s highlighted action and then there’s a lot of standing around which is always the same. And in terms of women who are wearing high heels, I can tell you that it was the same, you know, for network as it is doing, you know, the reboot and that is when women can they take off their high heels at every moment so. But I mean there’s really very little difference. I mean we’re, you know, it’s, you know, we’re still shooting multi-cameras but the nature of a party just, you know, requires more, you know, more time really.

A question for Jordan:  You are fortunate enough to get to work with, you know, some of the core cast. Do you like working with Julia and Francesca James who plays Evelyn? I wanted to know if you could talk a little bit about Celia and Evelyn’s relationship and what it’s like working with both of those ladies.

JORDAN LANE PRICE: Well first of all working with them, it’s a dream really. They’re so wonderful. I mean me and Julia are always laughing. We’re in trouble when we work together. We’re always laughing and having fun and it really helps when you’re learning how to do a scene and how to relax because it’s so important. So since I was new to everything when I’m with, you know, Julia or Francesca they’re constantly giving me tips.

Francesca is known for taking us aside - the kids and kind of giving us these really wonderful sessions and character study and things to think about during the scene. And then with Julia, I mean they’re just always giving us tips and, you know, open arms throughout the whole process.

And then with Evelyn and Celia, I think they have a very mother/daughter relationship. If you’ve watched, you know, you can see that there’s a very maternal feel with Evelyn and I think Celia she loves her. She loves her more than anything. It’s the one consistent person that’s been in her life. But she’s also kind of at this point where she’s realizing, you know, she needs to branch out a little and grow up a little and so she wants to kind of adventure a little bit. But yes, I think they have a really lovely relationship.

Julia what - for so many years away from All My Children what was it about this project that made you want to come back?

JULIA BARR: Actually two things - two people actually. I knew that Ginger Smith was going to be producing and I knew Ginger from, you know, a long time back as one of the associate producers on the show. I knew how much she loved the show. I knew it would be in good hands. And then also the fact that Agnes Nixon would be back involved with it.

And plus I was learning over the months before coming back all of the wonderful cast that was also going to be involved, you know, and all of us who had known each other for so many years.

So it just felt like it was going to be this, you know, sort of new adventure but at the same time, you know, we were going to be steered in a good way for ourselves and for the show and have a good time doing it because we all have this wonderful bond.

Now what was it like reuniting with David Canary after so long?

JULIA BARR: Oh well we hadn’t been quite so long, you know, because David and I actually did one of the last four shows before, you know, AMC went off network.  And I tell you, you know, we were all so vain it’s like, you know, as soon as we get together oh you look great, you know. And if somebody doesn’t look so great, you go oh how have you been. But anyway, you know, David is - we almost had sort of a married relationship on, you know, on camera and as actors we - I think that sort of provided us with, you know, a lot of underpinnings for our scenes together. So David, you know, it’s like no time passes sometimes with people.

I mean that’s true not of just David, but of, you know, Darnell Williams, and oh my God I’m blanking, Ray McDonald, and Jill Larson. You know, it’s just all - Debbi Morgan. It’s like friends. You know what I mean? You cannot be friends for ten years and it’s just like you saw them, you know, the day before. It’s a wonderful feeling.

Switching to a little story question with Adam out of town so much working and trying to repair Chandler Enterprises, you know, that leaves Brooke home a lot and also alone and here’s Dimitri that’s a nice guy that she’s known off and on for years is there - might there be a little - does Adam have to worry about Dimitri put it that way. Does he have to worry about Dimitri fondness for Brooke?

JULIA BARR: Well I think, you know, whatever Dimitri feels, you know, he feels. I think for Brooke, you know, she’s devoted to Adam. And I think her focus at the time is that there are, you know, issues that this family has, you know, with J.R. and all the things around that and (Clovie) coming back that where her focus really needs to be and then, you know, sort of running Chandler Enterprises and starting a new online venture I think the last thing on her mind would be anybody, you know, coming from anywhere with romantic interest.

And then I don’t even know if she - I mean I think that’s the furthest thing from, you know, she loves Adam, you know. But I think sometimes things can catch you up when you least expect it so I’ll say that.

Jordan, how much of yourself do you see in Celia?

JORDAN LANE PRICE: I see a little bit of myself, but Celia is definitely more na├»ve and she’s, you know, personally I find her a risk taker and I’m kind of - I think my friends see me as kind of a free spirit and I’m always, you know, I’m always new things and trying new things and I think Celia’s a little slower to that. She’s definitely more sheltered and, you know, she’s kind of - she’s very hesitant to try anything.

So I see a little bit of myself in that, you know, I have, you know, she’s got a very strong moral hold on life but she’s a very sweet person and a very good person and I like to think of myself but, you know, I always try to see the best in people and give people the benefit of the doubt. So there’s definitely that similarity, but I think I’m a little more (loud).

JULIA BARR: Hey can I jump in...


JULIA BARR: ...real quick? Jordan and I had a little bonding moment when they got the cast together to do the Harlem Shake and we both were so happy because we could remember each other’s names because they both begin with a J and we also discussed the fact we had so much trouble remembering people’s names.


JULIA BARR: So that was an immediate bonding point for us.


And my final question Jordan is when will viewers learn more about Celia’s mysterious benefactor?

JORDAN LANE PRICE: Well I can’t say exactly. I can’t really speak to that exactly without giving things away. But they will, you know, in time, you know, the mystery will kind of unravel a little and people will find out. So you just have to keep watching. That’s all I can really say to that.

What’s Celia feeling for Pete at this point? Is there any hope for her for the two of them?

JORDAN LANE PRICE: I definitely think there’s hope and I think that’s part of Celia’s, you know, that’s just kind of built in her character is that she is very hopeful. And I think we can all kind of relate to falling in love for the first time or, you know, having that feeling of, you know, you never really want to turn away.

I think we can all remember the first person you feel for and there’s always that little of, you know, charm and hope. And I think Celia definitely is kind of confused because she doesn’t, you know, really trust him completely but she does, you know, she does feel and she does think about him so.

And Colby is pretty determined at this point to win Pete. Is she starting to say okay I’m going to fight for him?

JORDAN LANE PRICE: I can’t say too much, but I think yes. I think Celia’s starting to become aware of how fierce Colby really is and only time will tell really with that.

And this last one’s for the both of you. When - if you guys can speak to it, when do you expect to be - to get back into production and what are you both most looking forward to about that?

JULIA BARR: As far as we know probably the second or third week of August we’ll go back into production.  And well we - I think for all of us they sort of have a lot of things that started to percolate. You know, I think they’re - oh that’s me - they’re seeing percolating I know with Brooke and Colby and that whole deal and, you know, with Dimitri coming in.

And then I think Jordan would have to say there’s actually some things that start to happen at the party and that’s all very interesting too. So we’re right at the verge of I think going into a new phase. You know, they did a lot to sort of bring new people on and sort of start in the middle and yet explain things.

So now I think after these first 40 or so episodes have aired then the next ones we start taping can really begin to take us more forward and, you know, we’re at the point where everyone is interested in what, you know, what is going to happen with this group or, you know, are these people going to get together. So I think that’s what everybody is anticipating anyway. Jordan?

JORDAN LANE PRICE: Yes, you pretty much covered it. Yes, I mean I’m really excited to go back. I think you had asked this. We were, you know, what we’re looking for. I think we all became very close very quickly when we were, you know, when we started so I think we’re all really just eager to get back to work.

And, you know, with the new writing and with the new storylines there’s some really amazing they’re working on. We’re all just really eager to kind of jump back in and, you know, keep making the show better and better and, you know, keep bringing shows for the fans.

I know you guys are both really excited to get back to work, but you do have some free time leading up to that so either of you have any fun plans for how you’ll spend the next couple of weeks?

JORDAN LANE PRICE: Well actually I just went to LA for a few weeks to visit friends and I had a really good time going out there so I had some time to travel which is nice. And I kind of, you know, for the next couple of weeks I’m probably just going to keep, you know, just hanging out spending time with my family. My little brother just graduated so I’m going home to Pennsylvania. I get to spend time with my family. So just, you know, seeing people I don’t really get to see when I’m working because when we do work we have such demanding schedules that you kind of block everything out so...


JORDAN LANE PRICE: ...just catching up a lot.

JULIA BARR: We actually - my husband and I, we just moved the week right after we stopped taping which was in May. I mean so it was, you know, we did five weeks of taping and then we moved. We’re still in the same town so we have gotten ourselves settled in pretty much. It’s been two months. I mean there’s a lot of things that we want to do but. The summer is like going really fast. My daughter just celebrated a birthday and we actually are going on vacation - all of us at the first part of August. We go to the Cape and it’s always wonderful so that’s - it’s going fast. That’s all I can say well.


JULIA BARR: But yes, I’m looking forward to it.

You had mentioned the new writers coming in and everything’s very exciting and you’re looking forward to getting back to work have you seen any indications as to whether or not David Canary has been written more into the scripts or do you think it’ll kind of the same where we just kind of see him pop in every once in a while?

JULIA BARR: I don’t know if anybody has. I think they’re writing, but the actors haven’t seen any of the scripts yet. So I’m not sure what, you know, I’m not sure as far as, you know, where they’re keeping him and what, you know, what kind of arc we’re going into exactly.

I mean I know obviously there are things that are coming up that are sort of in conflict and she’s feeling very, you know, she loves him but she’s very - she feels very stressed all alone, you know, with everything that’s been going on. So I think something has to give in some way. But as far as seeing a script addressing any of that, I haven’t yet but I’m sure, you know, I’m sure it’s something that they’re working on.

Now so far we've seen Celia is really this earnest nice girl and pretty much the polar opposite of Colby but it’s pretty clear that Colby is not afraid to fight dirty. 

JORDAN LANE PRICE: I can’t speak completely to that, but I definitely think that - yes. I think that if you keep watching, I think Celia is starting to have a little bit of a boiling point. I think that, you know, she is a very - like you said a very earnest sweet girl but I think, you know, there’s only so far you can push and Colby definitely is pushing those buttons. So yes I think, you know, Celia’s going to wise up at some point.

Now do you want to see her maybe take the fight more to Colby or...

JORDAN LANE PRICE: Personally? Absolutely. I mean I’m the kind of - I’m a New Yorker. You know, personally I’d love for Celia to kind of stand up for herself more and kind of, you know, show some, you know, have a little self-respect a little bit more and kind of stand up for yourself. But, you know, I understand where she’s at and I think that, you know, it’s kind of - this is all so new for her.

She’s going through so much as a person and, you know, she doesn’t really have any kind of past. I mean she doesn’t have any kind of family or besides Evelyn so I think there’s so much happening that right now she’s kind of just confused, but eventually things will become clearer and she will be able to kind of stick up for herself a little bit more.


JULIA BARR: And I have to say I think Brooke has stepped in and sort of told Colby that she’s sort of barking up the wrong tree as far as going after Pete and she’s very much in Celia’s corner.


JULIA BARR: You know? She knows that they both feel something for each other - she and Pete and she’s, you know, she’s trying to sort of give a little support. But I don’t think she’s ever learned how to be a street fighter and I think Colby... So this could be interesting.

JORDAN LANE PRICE: I mean that’s the thing too is Celia’s - I think she’s very smart. She’s just - she’s not, you know, socially she doesn’t know how to kind of, you know, fight these little social battles but she is smart and she’s very classy. So eventually, you know, I think she’ll learn how to handle it and handle Colby.

Julia, I was going to follow up with a question about how you mentioned that Brooke kind of has her hands full with Colby and J.R. and you kind of touched on Colby but it looks like J.R. is revving up for a fight for Chandler Enterprises. And is that something that Brooke is willing to back down on or is she going to do her best to...

JULIA BARR: Well, you know, I think in many ways it’s sort of complex. I think, you know, she’s known J.R. from the day he was born and, you know, has a relationship with him. She also knows he has had many issues that after a certain while it becomes very hard to forgive them, you know. He also has been raised by a very, you know, not difficult but a very sort of strong willed father.

So, you know, there’s a lot of complexity in that relationship which I think she acknowledges, but at a certain point you realize somebody’s an adult. They can’t blame all their problems on somebody else. They have to step up. And I think she’s ambivalent. She doesn’t quite trust him, but she would like him to step up and show that he can be trusted that he’s actually ready to be a mature, you know, person and take responsibility for his life. I think she feels that way about Colby too. Colby is a little bit more - but Colby and she have sort of - she’s drawn a line in the sand for Colby.


JULIA BARR: You know, because I think she realizes that Colby’s not had a lot of, you know, hands on and she’s maybe a rich girl who doesn’t feel so loved and I think that’s something that Brooke very much identifies with. But again you can’t let somebody just run all over you because, you know, they didn’t get, you know, the love that they needed when they were growing up so. I think she loves both of them, but she definitely feels like they need to step up, you know and grow up.

My question is for Jordan. I was curious have you done any research or been filled in on some of the past storylines, some of the character backgrounds or are you just kind of staying true to the character and only knowing what the character would know?

JORDAN LANE PRICE: Right. Well I kind of stay true to my character because coming on to this show it was so much already and there’s - I mean we all - I mean all of the kids we’ve talked about it (already). Well we could research, but there’s years and years and years shows so it’s really hard kind of just jumping in so I think, you know, like my personal approach is to kind of focus on the character.

I’ve learned a lot just being on set and talking to the actors that have been on the show. But yes, it’s a lot of information enough as it is so it’s kind of a little daunting to try to catch up completely. But, you know, I definitely, you know, learned things since I’ve gone but I’m pretty much focused on Celia and, you know, and even she doesn’t have, you know, much of a past so it’s kind of interesting. I’m learning as I go with Celia also.

Wonderful. And is there anybody that you haven’t done scenes with that you’d like to work with?

JORDAN LANE PRICE: I haven’t really done any scenes with (unintelligible) and Paula which I love both of them so I think that would be really fun to do some work with them. But - and I’ve done a few things with Jill. She’s really wonderful. But I’d like to do scenes with everybody more. I mean we all, you know, we have so much fun together. But yes (unintelligible) and Paula I haven’t really done much with so.

Julia, I was wondering thinking back because you’ve been with the show for quite a while what is like one of the most memorable storylines that you had that you still have such a fondness for?


I won’t make you say that it’s your favorite.

JULIA BARR: No, no, no and that would be hard. You know, it’s so hard to disengage the actors that you work with from the work that’s done and through the years I just feel like, you know, the storylines that we’ve had to do have been not just a storyline, you know. It’s the people that, you know, have been in them or the people that you’ve acted with.

I mean I think one of my favorite ones though is when Brooke found out that Dixie was carrying Adam’s child and, you know, they had been trying to have a baby and she was having problems and they’d hired this young girl - Dixie - to look after her own daughter from another marriage. Her daughter had been hit in a, you know, in an automobile accident. And after all of that and then to find out that this man that you thought you loved and trusted and it was a great built storyline.  I mean it was like built to the point where they went oh my God when Brooke finds out that - who’s this child’s father, you know, so it was great. It was this - like Felicia Behr was the producer at the time and there’s a scene where I haul off and I slap Adam. I have a file in my hand - not a file, you know, like an office file.

And Felicia goes well that was a slap heard around the world, but it was, you know, it was one of those storylines that just you were waiting for her to find out and it was great. You know, it was understandable on everybody’s level how it actually happened, you know, but the fallout was fascinating.

It was well acted by everybody involved. I remember very well.

JULIA BARR: Oh do you? Oh all right, yes.


Are there any storylines that you would love to have them do for you in the future? You’ve done so much so is there something...

JULIA BARR: You know, I’ll tell you I don’t know if there’s anything particular at this time. And one of the reasons that I feel good is that I know with Ginger at the helm - Ginger Smith and Agnes Nixon back in the mix again and the fact that they’ve brought on, you know, Chip and oh my God - I’m getting to the point where it’s like I can’t recall names - Chip, lord oh lord, Chip and Lisa.


JULIA BARR: You know, who are the new writers who’ve just come on but they have such a familiarity with the show and they - I mean I think all the writers are wonderful, but I think bringing these two wonderful writers back on this is not only for me but for everybody they really want to concentrate and this is always what an actor wants no matter what is on things that are character driven.

So with that as sort of, you know, the Bible that writers go by then you know that whatever they come up you’re going to be pretty happy with, you know. So I don’t have anything specific. I just know that I think I’m going to be happy whatever it is because it will be coming from a place that the writers - a place of knowledge that the writers have about the characters.

Celia’s very guarded and a little bit protected as she starts to - if she starts to come out of her shell what would you like to see her do? How would you like to see her come out of her shell? And if she does would you be open to maybe singing on the show?

JORDAN LANE PRICE: Singing?  Absolutely. I would love that. It was so cool when Denise got to do that and we were all saying because so many of the cast members are actually singers which we were all kind of finding out about each other. So I definitely think Celia, you know, kind of did come out of her shell that that would be something really cool to kind of intertwine if the writers ever found a way to do that but yes.

And I think that, you know, if she comes out of her shell I’m just anxious to see her kind of bloom a little bit, you know. Just be, you know, because she does have such a great personality but to really like shine and, you know, even with her relationships. I think, you know, working right now she’s doing an internship with Brooke and Dimitri and I think that’s helping a lot. I think, you know, working and she’s finding out what she’s good at. I think that’s going to help so I’m anxious to see, you know, how, you know, she’ll become a little bit more bold I guess.

JULIA BARR: I guess I want to say particularly about Jordan. Probably because I work the most with her in terms of the young people, you know, that the new young people that they brought in and it is one of those things that it’s - I think all of us who are veterans just as working with new actors would say that everybody has come in with their own sense of professionalism and also their own characters and how they’re bringing them to life.

And, you know, Jordan is one of those wonderful ones that it also begins to enliven, you know, the actors who have been around for a while because it’s a new dynamic. You know, I know for my character I think she responds, you know, because, you know, who knows what her daughter would have been if she had lived and I think she has this very warm place in her heart immediately for the character of Celia. And I think much of it comes from what Jordan brings to it, you know. It’s got that...


JULIA BARR: ...lovely blossoming quality, you know, that’s exciting so.

Is there anyone who can sort of steer Celia in the right direction it’s Brooke. I mean look at all that she’s accomplished, where she’s come from to who she’s become. Like she’s - Brooke really is a perfect role model so to speak for Celia.

JULIA BARR: Yes. She’s not over indulgent, but she’s - I mean the two characters and the two of us just I don’t know, we sort of seem to fit together right away and it’s really nice.

JORDAN LANE PRICE: Yes definitely.

So far the show has done a great job of mingling in the vets and the younger characters.  And Brooke has had a pretty decent role. Do you feel like this would have been something that could have happened on ABC or do you feel that your prominence might be more something for the Internet and smaller cast that’s helped it?

JULIA BARR: You know, I actually think it really has to do more with what a show tends to focus on and I think it tends to be, you know, who’s at the helm and what their vision of a show is. I think the vision of this show for many, many years was wonderful. I think it got a little bit not distorted is the wrong (way), but I think at a certain point the show began to lose sight of - well, you know, not (unintelligible) but of character driven stories and, you know, the complexity of the texture of the show. And, you know, granted its like in general I think, you know, you spend enough time on a show you’ll be front burner, middle burner, back burner. You know, you’ll go through all of those things, you know, periodically.

I have to say, you know, at this point in time I think the focus of having this show be as wonderful as it was at one time is the utmost important idea to the producer and the head writers. I think, you know, the smaller cast is probably easier to write for and write fully for everybody. That goes without saying. But I do think the focus is about keeping this, you know, the texture of the canvass of this show as interesting and as true to character as possible.

I know even just like a little scene. I think it was the other day with Dimitri and Brooke having lunch was just a nice little character scene that I feel like might not have gone before.

JULIA BARR: And I think that was missing for a long time not just for myself but, you know, other people. And I tell you when it’s missing you really feel it and when it’s back you are just really glad. So I’m very happy. I really am.

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