Michael Easton: 'Everyone Is Doing The Best They Can With The Cards They've Been Dealt'

Michael Easton
In a new interview with TV Guide Magazine, Michael Easton talks about playing a new character, Dr. Silas Clay, on ABC's GENERAL HOSPITAL since May after playing John McBain and Caleb Morley/Stephen Clay previously.

"It wasn't my first choice, that's for sure," Easton says. "Cops and doctors are probably the two most thankless jobs a character can have on a soap. Everyone is doing the best they can with the cards they've been dealtThe three of us were ripped out of our comfort zone and our characters and all their relationships were suddenly out the window. It's been a little scary."

"Hopefully the audience understands that this situation is unprecedented and really tough. The fans are so aware of the circumstances that went on behind the scenes, so I would hope they'll give us a pass and let us have the opportunity to play this out."

Easton was hoping a schedule could be worked out that would allow him to appear on The OnLine Network's ONE LIFE TO LIVE as John McBain.

"There's a fairly lengthy paper trial documenting my discussions about how we could make it work," he explains. "I have a family now and I've never spent a night away from them, so trying to figure out how to make it work with us living in L.A. and OLTL shooting in Connecticut wasn't easy but we did seem to be working toward something. Prospect Park and ABC seemed like they wanted to work together but we just couldn't come to an arrangement. And then, suddenly, things built into a tempest between the parties and there was a lot of confusion and uncertainty, so I tried to stay away from it and focus on my writing and my family. In the end, I don't know that the situation worked out all that well for anybody. The whole thing was awkward and I don't think anybody handled it very well, but it is what it is."

The actor is hopeful about his future as Silas on GENERAL HOSPITAL.

"We need to give Ron Carlivati and his writing team a chance to tell their stories. They've mapped out something really strong here, something that can't be judged just three or four weeks into it."

You can read the entire interview at tvguide.com.

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  1. This interview seems to prove ABC and PP execs caused an unnecessary situation to happen for both soaps.

  2. I'm warming up to Silas but the whole thing blunted GH's momentum and confused viewers.

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  4. love Michael Easton so doesn't matter to me who he plays just so I can see him about every day. He is doing an awsome Job...

  5. I'm just tickled pink to have "the GH 3" continue on the show ... I like the treatment and tantalizing back story the writers have given Silas, reformed mad artist Franco is a clever explanation of all the horrible acts the former Franco committed and the Kiki/Lauren tale is enjoyable. Sorry the behind-the-scenes problems did not allow two of you to take part in the OLTL reboot, but I'm enjoying your Port Charles appearances. Michael's performance today, July 15, was excellent. Looking forward to future story developments.