Thursday, July 4, 2013

In Honor of Mary Stuart's Birthday! Marcia McCabe, Louan Gideon, Lee Fryd & Nelson Aspen Reflect and Recreate Classic Photo

Today would have been legendary actress Mary Stuart's birthday. She is best known for her 35-year run as Joanne Gardner Barron Tate Vincente Tourneur in SEARCH FOR TOMORROW. She latter starred as Meta Bauer in GUIDING LIGHT for six years until her death in 2002. Last weekend some of her former co-stars and friends--publicist Lee Fryd, Nelson Aspen, Marcia McCabe and Louan Gideon--gathered in the Hamptons to celebrate Aspen's 50th birthday. In honor of Mary Stuart, they recreated one of the class photos we posted back in 2010 as part of Nelson's Scrapbook.

Check out thew newly re-created photo below as well as reflections on Stuart from Aspen, McCabe and Gideon.

"How blessed was I at age 23 to share the same theatrical air space as Mary Stuart. She was an amazing actress who taught so many of us how to perfect our acting skills for the camera. She was a true professional and a warm, loving woman who was passionate about her job and enjoyed being the matriarch of 'Search!' I loved and respected her and was honored to be a part of the 'SFT' family for 9 years. Happy Birthday to Mary. She was truly one of a kind!!!"
- Marcia McCabe (Sunny Adamson)

"Mary and Larry [Haines] were just the best of friends off camera, or so it certainly seemed. You could tell the marvelous camaraderie they shared. It made the set, especially to a new person like me who was coming into a show already years in progress, seem it wasn't just a bunch of actors...but a family I was joining."
- Louan Gideon (Liza Sentell)

"Mary was the greatest...on camera and off (as different as those two personae were!) and I miss her still, especially at her favorite time of year: Christmas. Fortunately, her work is so well remembered by family, friends and fans...and her legacy lives on not only through her BOOK PALS organization, but through the medium she helped to create. My mentor, my pal, my precious Mary...Happy Birthday!"
- Nelson Aspen (Albert Prange)


  1. Too cool! Loved Mary Stuart. Loved Marcia McCabe and Louan Gideon. So great to see them again! I started watching SFT in its final years, and I was riveted every day. It's great to see a few of its stars again. Happy birthday, Nelson!

  2. Happy Birthday, Mary. And Nelson too!