Wednesday, July 17, 2013

NEWS: Paul Bhattacharjee Missing; Lindsay Hartley; Julia Barr; Kevin Spirtas

Paul Bhattacharjee missing: Former EASTENDERS actor not seen for nearly a week
Friends and family of missing Royal Shakespeare Company actor Paul Bhattacharjee today made emotional pleas for his safe return. The calls were led by actress Meera Syal, Stephen Fry, and the son of the 53-year-old actor who vanished during rehearsals for a new play at the Royal Court.

Syal, who played Beatrice opposite Bhattacharjee’s Benedick in "Much Ado About Nothing" at Stratford-upon-Avon last summer and later in the West End, said today: “I am completely shocked at this news.

"This is so out of character as Paul has such an incredibly professional work ethic. I saw him a fortnight ago and he was very happy with the way things were going with work and about his relationship with his girlfriend."

Bhattacharjee played Inzamam in EASTENDERS from 2008-2010

ALL MY CHILDREN star Lindsay Hartley grew up in Palm Springs as a triple threat; she sang, she danced and she could act
There are times when Hartley misses the stage and belting out a tune. She’s happy for the memories in theater and the doors it helped open for her career. Those times on the stage were magical, she said.

“I never had the thought I was going to be big or famous, I just knew I enjoyed the feeling of it,” she said. “It made me feel good. It was fun. It was something I enjoyed. I kind of followed that feeling.”

Fort Wayne native Julia Barr credits soap’s endurance
“It’s a medium that has had great endurance, even if you go back to when a lot of soaps started on the radio,” Barr says. “Going online is the third transition for this kind of entertainment – it has amazing staying power, which I find incredible.”

Kevin Spirtas of NYMF's "Legacy Falls" Picks His Favorite Songs for "Soap'n Around"
Since Spirtas, a soap opera star, is among the cast of the soap-inspired musical, asked the actor to pick his favorite songs from or relating to soap operas and explain why they made his list.
"The Sweetest of Nights and the Finest of Days" (Shelly Markham and Judith Viorst). This is the perfect wedding song, which I actually sang on DAYS OF OUR LIVES at my fictional daughter Chloe's wedding.

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