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Veronica Mars Movie: Is Michael Muhney returning as Sheriff Lamb?
In addition to to giving details about the official fan event happening independent of their Comic-Con panel, Rob Thomas also shared a very interesting photo from the set. The picture is pretty simple, a photo of someone's trailer door. However, the mystery comes with the name written on a piece of tape attached to the trailer, Sheriff Lamb. Marshmallows will remember that Sheriff Don Lamb (played by Michael Muhney) was killed in the third season, after being hit in the head with a baseball bat.

So, is Muhney returning? If so, how do they explain this one away? Is it something as simple as a flashback scene, or is it a case of Zombie Sheriff Lamb? A very plausible explanation could be that Lamb's little brother or sister is now Sheriff of Balboa County, where the show is set. It won't take long to find out for sure, as Thomas promises to explain the photo Wednesday (July 17). At that time, he'll also unveil a special website just for Kickstarter backers.

Marc Anthony Samuel confident his gay character on GENERAL HOSPTIAL will get love interest
"He will, he definitely will," Samuel says. "I don't know anything yet but that"s what it sounds like will happen. I think overall that"s what they"d like to see. Felix can"t be going after straight guys all the time. He knows better."

"I love everyone associated with it," he says of GH. "They are so behind the whole storyline for Felix - developing him and creating a world for him and introducing him to the Port Charles community - not making him this kind of fly by night character."

"It's been a privilege to work with people who I've seen over the years on TV," he adds. "It's kind of surreal a little bit too. I'm working with people who have been in my pop culture psyche for years. It"s been a great ride."

To boost the excitement factor at San Diego Comic-Con, AMC has revealed a Comic-Con exclusive poster by Alex Ross that will be handed out during the convention.

Not dead for long! SUPERNATURAL star reveals he's back for Season 9
The recent run of episodes were lacking a certain amount of grumpiness, following the death of surrogate father figure Bobby Singer (Jim Beaver). The producers apparently noticed as well, and now Beaver has revealed that he will be back in some capacity in the series’ ninth season.

Dynamite Revives NBC's HEROES
New comic series to pick up where cult NBC series left off, telling unofficial 'Season 5' of the superhuman soap opera.

THE NEWSROOM Season Premiere Grows From Last Year: 2.2 Million
An average of 2.2 million people watched Sunday’s Season 2 debut.

DOCTOR WHO to take over Heathrow Airport for 50th anniversary
Travelers will be treated to a variety of DOCTOR WHO surprises over the course of the week as part of the launch of the new partnership.

Table of Thrones, A GAME OF THRONES Periodic Table of Living & Deceased Characters
Columbia, South Carolina-based artist Christian Petersen has created “Table of Thrones,” a GAME OF THRONES periodic table of living and deceased characters. Prints are available to purchase at the Etsy store, The Geekerie.

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS Spinoff RAVENSWOOD Makes Major Casting Change
Merritt Patterson will take over the role originally set to be played by Elizabeth Whitson, who will depart the series.

Shailene Woodley Goes Topless for Interview
Woodley decided to go topless to set the record straight after seeing a picture of herself in another magazine the depicted her with "big red lips.. boobs about three times the size they are in real life [and] my stomach was completely flat," she says. "My skin was also flawless."

Upstart Roils Nerves in a Packed TV Race: Netflix Dominates Speculation Over Emmy Awards
The nominations for the Emmy Awards will be announced on Thursday in Los Angeles, and it is widely expected that, for the first time, the headlines will be all about Netflix.

CASTLE Halts Production for a Day as Nathan Fillion Is a No-Show During Contract Dispute
As first reported by our sister site Deadline, Fillion’s absence was likely intended as a “nudge” to his ABC Studios bosses with whom he is in a contract dispute, as he lobbies for a four-day work week.

It's Official: THE GLEE PROJECT Canceled at Oxygen
The reality competition series will not return for a third season, with a network spokesman noting the decision has nothing to do with the sudden passing of GLEE star Cory Monteith.

Cory Monteith Overdose: "Scary" Drug Addiction Darker Than People Thought; "He Tried So Hard to Beat This"
"Cory fought his demons and the demons won," a friend says. "Cory wasn't going out and doing these things to have fun. He couldn't stop. He tried. He just couldn't."

Lea Michele Is Grieving with Cory Monteith's Family, Rep Says
"Lea is deeply grateful for all the love and support she’s received from family, friends, and fans. Since Cory’s passing, Lea has been grieving alongside his family and making appropriate arrangements with them," reads the statement, obtained by People.

GLEE, Grief, and Teen Rites of Passage
Strengths and weaknesses abound. But whatever else it's about, the show is about how it feels to grow up. Mostly it feels bad! Sometimes it feels good, though. Sometimes it's empowering, sometimes we surprise ourselves. Sometimes we win. Sometimes villains get their comeuppance, but often they do not. The pursuit of fairness is frequently a letdown. Sometimes our parents disappoint us, and sometimes we disappoint them. Sometimes we're inundated with support or recognition, and sometimes we're desperately, frighteningly alone. Being a teenager is not easy. Sometimes, our friends die.

Google Pitches Online TV Service to Media Companies
Google has recently approached media companies about licensing their content for an Internet TV service that would stream traditional TV programming, people familiar with the matter say.

If the Web giant goes ahead with the idea, it would join several other companies planning to offer services that deliver cable TV-style packages of channels over broadband connections.

SAVED BY THE BELL musical coming to Off-Broadway
The new musical features book, music, lyrics and direction by Bob and Tobly McSmith. Jason Wise is the choreographer and associate director.

April Kidwell will star as Jessie Spano. Additional casting will be announced soon.


  1. I really think Sheriff Lamb needs to make some kind of appearance in the Veronica Mars film. He's so beloved by the majority of fans. Personally, I'd go with a very pivotal, psychological dream sequence: enough to give us a taste of their past relationship again, but also something crucial to whatever the current storyline will be. It would make sense that Veronica would dream about Lamb on occasion. And being a dream, they could really do something special with it filmwise. That would do it for me. - jmho

  2. Great idea. Hope to see Sheriff Lamb in the film.